TAGP 91: The Anxiety Problem Solving Model You Can Begin Today

November 20, 2017

“Prepare For A Crisis Well Before It Happens.”anxiety problem

I get many emails every day from people dealing with anxiety asking me for tips and advice. Many times though I’m quite hesitant about giving the tip or advice because I’m just not sure about the person’s back story, and how they’ll use the advice.

I find it to be very similar to a homeless person (some not all) that we give money to and upon receiving it taking that money and buying booze with it.

The anxiety tips and advice given to a highly sensitized person who implements them without the proper levels of understanding and commitment, may just be digging a bigger hole for themselves. This hole can affect their self esteem, the capabilities they think they have, and ability to create long lasting change.

So What’s The Answer? An Anxiety Problem Solving Method That Can Pinpoint The Best Option For You

That’s what I want to share with you today. A step by step example of what you’ll need to do to gain a deeper understanding of the cause of the anxiety, and the solution that will work best for the long term. This model is not complicated because there’s no need for it to be. It will however get you to peel the layers of the onion back a few to uncover the answers.

In the end what we want is to get back to living. That means something different for everyone but for the generalized anxiety sufferers that I work with through my program, it means being less internal surrounded by useless and debilitating chatter, and getting more external doing the things we love.

In episode #91 of the anxiety guy podcast I will reveal:

  • The easiest way to uncover the root of your anxiety
  • How this method can be implemented for multiple challenges you’re facing
  • The power you have internally right now

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7 comments on “TAGP 91: The Anxiety Problem Solving Model You Can Begin Today

  1. mohanned Nov 20, 2017

    hi dennis ,,its v importent podcast ,,just need little guide with some things,, first the root of anxiety,,,i sat with my self ,,,its my parents would be v overprotective and always makeing things bigger,, and im sensitive so my root is taking my parents overreacting and being sensitive and my parents would overprotect me . so ,, i have been to therapist one who suggested make my mind busy always with any hobby,, and put new activites in my life , other he did emdr technique which i got worse bcz it has worsen my anxiety ,, other he did hypnosis ,,not usedfull. u said dennis to set with my self and talk to mybself ,, i did,, talked to my self while im in relaxing i did body scan ,, everythig ,,the problem my anxiety has gotten worse and fear become 24 hours ,,begin to be afraid of physical symptoms , my mind always giving me tht im going to die at any moment,, i dont know whts wrong with me ,, before i used to be in control since last time i did emdr session my anxiety has gotten worse always scared its like my nervous system has become more active and more alert. dennis u told me before to take baby steps ,, it went well i have achieved lots of things ,, but later i dont know wht went wrong,, fear is crippling me i started to remmber old events tht brings guilt feelings and become scared of death and god will punish me for sins i did long time ago..just tell me wht to do ill do it ,, i like u podcast today i listed to it and just i wanted to tell u wht happend ,,, regards

  2. mohanned Nov 20, 2017

    Hi dennis.. thnx for v nice podcast.. well.. i already found my root of my anxiety .. and talked to my self.. the wired things the more i talk to my self and knoe my root the more anxiety i get more panic ..constant and changing physucal symptoms ..i dont know is it like an opening an old wound ..cbt and hypnosis ..emdr .. didnt workout with me . Even medication im scared of them bcz the bad experince i had with side effects.. its been 4 years..im a worrier i know ..struggling without any pill..or sedative.. just why when i look deep in my root or talk to my self its getting worse .. is it dispute between my consoous and subcinsoius.. or bcz my personality never get to use to have patiennce in the past .. dennis u told me to take baby steps its realy work with me .. but later it become worse ..its luke im starting from zero.. now my mind wants me to take meducation bcz i feel frustrated but the same time i dont want its like conflict inside me .. fear wants me to deal with pills ..but my well power wants me to carry on and accept and ignore the fear a d physical symptoms.. .

    • The main focus now is not to ignore the sensations but to replace the meaning of them when they arrive. Life threatening to regular bodily sensations. If you can anxious about something you can get excited about something. Much love.

  3. Nakisha Nov 29, 2017

    I want to get started on this I feel like I’m in a black hole and I can’t get out. I have 2 boys And a husband i can’t waste my life being in this black hole anymore I want to enjoy life with my family instead of worrying about myself and the what if’s. I need your help. Thanks.