TAGP 210: Anxiety Help – 3 Questions You Must Answer Today

October 21, 2019

anxiety help

Anxiety help can be challenging to come by. True and lasting support I mean. However, the right questions when pondered over and analyzed can present a wide array of information that never occurred to the person before. As clarity over the unconscious patterns we implement daily grows deeper, questioning and replacing those patterns begin to arise.

Ask the right questions toward anxiety help for yourself and you’ll get the types of responses that will move you toward healing.

A pre-warning though, the 3 questions in today’s anxiety guy podcast are deep. Depth scares many people. Instead of looking straight at what they fear they do all they can to avoid it. In fact, many people re-arrange their entire lives in order to stave off discomfort all together. When in fact, it’s this kind of discomfort that provides anxiety help for the long term.

It’s a beautiful thing to see people going through my anxiety recovery programs and questioning who they’ve become. They quickly realize that they’ve become a mold of someone else in every which way. They think like them, feel the same way, act like them, and imagine their future just like them. Sad really (and I’ve been there), when we all bring such uniqueness to this world we live in.

It’s time to break out of this mold, the question is how desperate and dissatisfied are you of living with anxiety?

It is a good recognition really. Desperation truly brings lasting results. The skill sets work, the method works, but much of healing depends on where the person is in terms of their mindset towards change. Some people welcome in change wholeheartedly and look forward to their new identity, others feel like they’re too invested in worry and anxiety.

Sometimes I even hear helplessness from others sharing how they’ve suffered for over 30 years! ’30 years?’ I say. I’m sorry but you aren’t a victim of your environment or circumstances if you’ve suffered from anxiety symptoms for 30 years, there are much deeper mental blocks at play here that you haven’t taken enough time to analyze and change.

Life is a series of challenges. It’s the questions we ask during and after those challenges that takes us towards an inspired path.

Don’t hope for less challenges, work towards changing your perceptions and actions around those challenges. Too many people looking for anxiety help today believe a ‘good day’ consists of nothing going wrong. This is the farthest thing from the truth. If you’re alive, things will go wrong. But to many enlightened people they don’t see those things as wrong, instead they see them as life.

This becomes the biggest difference between an anxiety sufferer and one who is in the process of healing, or already in the post anxiety disorder maintenance stage. The response. Enlightened people who are on the right track don’t trust their first impressions, or their first emotional reactions. Instead, they question them. They know it’s but one option out of many, even though in that moment it feels like the ONLY option.

What a freeing moment when a person defies their initial thought or feeling about something. All of a sudden they respect the perceptions of others, and begin seeing the big picture. Someone once told me that if it isn’t going to matter in 5 years don’t waste more than 5 minutes over it. I carry this advice with me each day.

Take the anxiety help that’s given!

It’s important to never succumb to your anxious conditioning and living with anxiety. It has the potential to be a temporary learning opportunity en-route to your true self. Your true self finds the balance in things and doesn’t succumb to the irrational fears the world tries to project onto them. This new you thinks for him or herself. To think for yourself means to question others. You cannot become who you were meant to become until you begin questioning what you’ve believed is the truth for so long.

The truth for many people looking for anxiety help is that this is a lifestyle. Anxiety is just a way of life that needs to be respected. The concept that they can live a completely different life doesn’t enter into their minds. And if it did, it doesn’t get much attention. Anxiety is a set of perceptions based around the experiences from our childhood. It didn’t show up out of nowhere and it won’t leave us by doing the same things we’ve always done.

There’s more at play here that we must take the time to investigate. If a person gets to a point of feeling depersonalization on a daily basis it should come as no surprise that many overwhelming experiences have been lived through. Depersonalization, in my eyes is just another one of the many potential symptoms of anxiety. It’s a result, and always has a cause.

Some people know the roots of their anxiety, others wouldn’t dare look that deep.

The ones that take the time to find the formula to their anxiousness are shocked when they realize what they haven’t deal with yet from their past. Blame, guilt, unforgiveness, perfectionism, inferiority, and much more not only gets stored in the brain but in the body as well, and can even lead to regular panic attacks. This somatic storage can lead to further symptoms and eventually a ‘mood’ that seems to be automatic.

Today we dive deep, together. We leave behind the learned helplessness and open up our minds to new ways of perceiving ourselves. I want you to approach this anxiety guy podcast episode with an open mind, and an open heart. Begin letting the love for your progress in, and the old negative habits and perceptions out. Because you truly are on your way to becoming more than anxiety.

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