TAGP 248: The 10 Stages Of Anxiety Freedom

July 13, 2020

stages of anxiety

As a former anxiety disorder sufferer my darkest days almost led me to ending my own life (as many of you know through my latest book). Back then I never realized the subtle stages of anxiety freedom that existed. Today I’ll share with you these stages so that you can identify where you really are on this journey.

Understanding these stages of anxiety freedom will inspire you!

This is because you’ll have a great idea of what your future holds, inner peace. This will be a place of less over-thinking and more intuitiveness. A place where life becomes effortless to live because the inner fighting has become too draining over time.

When a persons initial instincts no longer rule the mind the anxiety sufferer will be free. This is because the person will get to a place where they can see beyond their instincts, and trust in their hearts decision more often to lead their lives. Life begins to have flow at this stage.

These stages begin with dissatisfaction and end with the being totally content.

Dissatisfaction is the staring point. No one changes until they’ve suffered enough. This means that when an anxiety sufferer is down on their knees, literally having had enough of what they’ve been going through, they can begin their healing.

The final step within the stages of anxiety freedom comes down to the feeling that nothing more needs to be done. A person at this stage has become tired of suffering through life. This suffering has been replaced with trust and faith with whatever decision they feel and act on. Let’s create some clarity together today.

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