TAGP 267: If You’re Running This Subconscious Program You Will Have Anxiety

November 23, 2020

This subconscious program has the potential to ruin not only the anxiety sufferers life but their greatest supporters lives as well. In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’re talking about self punishment. A cycle being run unconsciously without any awareness by the person that it’s happening.

To many people, when something doesn’t go right in their lives tend to blame life, someone else, the situation, anything but their subconscious minds. Little do they realize that the subconscious program of self punishment is energetically pulling into their lives the desires set by this program. Those desires have everything to do with lack, suffering, and difficulty.

When a subconscious program is installed at childhood it seeks to be accomplished at every turn.

subconscious program

Many times you’ll see people constantly get injured or sick. You’ll also see them fail at every creative endeavour they put forth. Theses have everything to with the goal achieving agency known as the subconscious mind, and it will do everything in its power to see its programs through.

These subconscious programs spur on constant anxiety.

The reason is because the conscious mind which is futile compared to ‘the boss’ the subconscious mind desires something else. The conscious mind has updated beliefs about themselves, what they deserve, and reality in general. It just doesn’t captain the ship, and there lies the problem.

Anxiety is a result of unconscious patterns that we must bring to our conscious attention.

The subconscious program that is self punishment could have been installed by an authority figure or through a particular situation you encountered at childhood. It could have been one or multiple events (as this YouTube video from my channel explains). The manifestation is the same but slightly different for everyone, and today we’ll get to the bottom of this subconscious program so that anxiety no longer has to be at the forefront of your life.

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