TAGP 266: Working With The Inner Child To Heal Anxiety

November 16, 2020

Working with the inner child is a vital aspect to anxiety recovery. To be completely honest with you I never even knew I had an inner child until I committed to my anxiety healing and gave up the effort to simply manage and cope with the anxiety symptoms.

Working with The inner child demands a broad view point over your anxiety.

Harmony between the adult more logical mind and the child more emotional mind is essential for self mastery. This level of harmony brings with it the ability to experience life in a much more effortless manner. Little do we realize that the key to an inner peaceful ‘flow state’ lies in the development of this inner relationship.

Our bodies are 100% memory which demands an understanding of why it does what it does. Why do anxiety sensations and symptoms appear in the most unlikely times and lead to health anxiety? How do illnesses truly manifest in the body? How come depersonalization seems to never want to fade away?

working with the inner child

Many questions have simple answers, but we must be open to simplicity.

Human beings tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. Working with the inner child is no exception (this YouTube video will explain). We must leave the world of thinking that the inner child is against us in some way and understand that everything it does is out of unconditional love?

Anxiety manifests out of unconditional love?

Imagine that. The child within that wants to preserve the traumatic lessons from its past so that the adult today doesn’t make the same mistakes again. Working with the inner child demands this level of respect and compassion and only then can an anxiety disorder truly be healed at the root.

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