TAGP 120: 5 Reasons Today’s Mental Health Treatments Are BS

June 11, 2018

“You’re Not Just A Number, So Don’t Let Anyone Make Your Feel Like One.”

Someone once told me that ‘when we are presented with more options on how to think about something, a shift begins to take place.’ During my 6 year struggle with an anxiety disorder my options were limited, my perspective was narrow, and I was treated like a number wherever I turned.

Every human beings anxiety or mental health struggle is different, so why are our treatment options treating us like they’re all the same?

The chemical imbalance theory pushes medication taking as soon as the words anxiety or depression are uttered. As much as there are people out there that have benefited tremendously from this treatment option, too many have opened up a whole new batch of problems within themselves related to toxicity and other side effects.

todays mental health treatments

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We need to be shown that the way we think about the things that currently sensitize us can change. We also need examples of other people that have gone down the road of anxiety recovery to speak up, and begin helping sufferers get to a better place.

In this powerful podcast episode focused on straight talk I’ll share my opinions and concerns over today’s mental health treatments

And it doesn’t mean you have to accept what I preach, it’s just one person’s opinion. It’s a reach out to expand your awareness, and recognize the fact that you have options that go far beyond the option-less ways we’re shown today. Becoming more than anxiety means adopting a growth mindset in the end, adopting the idea that you don’t have to be a carbon copy of mom and dad.

In today’s podcast I’ll be sharing my thoughts around:

  • Why I felt so stuck with today’s mental health treatments
  • How they consistently positively treat emotional problems in the east
  • Where I went wrong in my search for answers to my anxiety and panic struggle

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4 comments on “TAGP 120: 5 Reasons Today’s Mental Health Treatments Are BS

  1. Cristina Jun 11, 2018

    Love it. Im just reading dr Claire Weekes book that you mentioned in one of your videos and its the same thing your saying. Its just reaching the point of patience and acceptance to float trough it and get better. I just want the dizziness and other physical symptoms to go away.

  2. mohanned Jun 12, 2018

    hi dennis..you are right. i been having anxiety and constant panic ..fear of symptoms for 5 years.. i tried medication ..xanax..cipralex zioloft u name it… they make you like a robot .. no emotions no acitivities in life non…it removes the fear but as i said u become like a robot..u putting u disteny on pill..your mood depends on pill same like when i used to ask 24 hours for reassurance from friends..medication kills your well .kills ypur personality ..and dont forget the side affects also ..i remmber when i used to go to psychiogest clinic nurses would look at my like i was crazy ..trying to make distance with me while talking to them .. they would trear my like i was insane..and i would go hahahaha desguised wearing black class and hat and pitting my eyes down..bcz inside me i kknow i dont n
    belong to this place .trying my best not to let people or anybody tht i was getting treatment in tht clinic..like a stigma.. as u said dennis nobody knows wht anxiety or panic attack is . people will say we all have anxiety all have fear .. they never experinced wht we are going throw.. im with u no evidence tht these medication cure panic and anxiety and changing u behvior. i remmber told me i have imbalance in serotonin whtever the name .i asked him for blood test .. he said its not available in my country . i told him ok ill make it outside in england . and the result was my serotonin was normal and good.. i gave him the result .. he became silent .then he said ok ill give this pill .. i said why u said i had imbalance now result is normal .. the crazy one had no answer for my question ..i smiled at him i was sarcastic then leaving his clinic for good.. i know dennis its only a behavoir ..which cause my anxiety… all i need is like u said change u belife chqnge u life ..maybe my life was wrong befpre anxiety and panic and anxiety as i know is body language telling you to change something .change the path.. for me im up and down sometes fear controls me sometimes i bear it..i stil do some chrch up from time to time and i check my bp 2 times aday ..but for me its bettre than depemding on pill …. someday my subcon will reprogrammed by itself im being patient and it make me stronger than before ..