TAGP 121: Top 10 Words You MUST Replace If You Suffer From Anxiety

June 18, 2018

“Being Afraid Of Things Going Wrong Isn’t The Way To Make Things Go Right.”

The words we use with others, as well as ourselves though our internal self talk is crucial to overcoming anxiety. To suffer from anxiety means to be overly internal during day to day events, to see the worst in the future, and to speak to yourself and others in a self destructive way.

Change your language and you’ll change the path you’re on

The beauty is that you can start working on this today. To become conscious of what you say and how you say it. An internal shift in how you feel and what you believe to be true can all happen by becoming more self aware of the words you express.

This is completely different than what we know today as being ‘positive thinking.’ Positive thinking is illusionary and based on wishful thinking. In today’s anxiety guy podcast episode I’ll show you which words you use most often and what it must be replaced with to bring forth love for yourself and less fear and ‘what if’ based thinking.

suffer from anxiety

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Change the world by your example, not your opinion

It’s a beautiful thing, to witness someone persevering through challenging times and inspiring others to do the same. I’ve realized that life is challenging, and there will always be challenges. The only difference is the types of challenges we run into in our lives. A poor person is challenged by the lack of money, a rich person is challenged by where to invest his/her money, they’re both challenging.

Anxiety is a daily challenge for so many, and if you suffer from anxiety right now you’re engaging in character development to bring about a person you can be proud of in time. A CBT based method will get you to your desired emotional state along with shifting your words as explained in today’s podcast episode.

In episode #121 of the anxiety guy podcast we’ll be looking into:

  • Which are the most common words used for people who suffer from anxiety
  • How your vocabulary affects your overall energy
  • What the path towards recovery looks like for an anxiety sufferer

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  1. I love this, thanks for the work you put in.