TAGP 119: 5 Ways To Completely FAIL At Anxiety Recovery

June 4, 2018

“Many Times Anxiety Stems From The Need To Have Absolute Control And All The Answers Now.”

Imagine thinking you’re doing what you need to do to get to your desired emotional state (anxiety recovery), and sabotaging your progress based around a few key principles. Today’s Anxiety Guy Podcast episode is insightful to the maximum for anyone ready to become desensitized from their fears.

Anxiety Isn’t who you are, it’s just something you’re doing

Anxiety recovery becomes a smoother journey once this is realized. It’s always something you’re doing (thinking, acting on, imagining etc) never who you are as a person. Life changes when you change the way you think about the things that cause you negative emotions, and in my opinion there’s no better method than CBT for anxiety recovery.

The principles in today’s podcast episode took me time to completely understand and apply, but it was like a large lightbulb that went off in my mind. How could I have missed these? They are so fundamental to anxiety recovery, and unfortunately at the time of my 6 year anxiety disorder I wasn’t implementing any of them.

I didn’t want to take advice from others, I thought my world views we’re just fine. Or we’re they?

fail at anxiety recovery

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Taking the leap and accepting that there is in fact a new way of thinking about life takes courage and clarity. Courage because it goes against familiarity, clarity because it takes a deep level of soul searching and understanding as to why you’re not getting the emotional results you deep down want. As you can see, we’re diving deep today.

In episode #119 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll show you how to make sure you don’t fail at anxiety recovery, as well as:

  • Truly understanding what ways of thinking works and what doesn’t (mindset)

  • Help you see through the limiting ways today’s world goes about anxiety recovery
  • Show you how your past can be an excellent source of inspiration

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