TAGP 255: My 5 Favourite Methods For Treating An Anxiety Disorder

August 31, 2020

Treating an anxiety disorder can be confusing and frustrating if there’s no plan. We may begin feeling like we’re bouncing from one suggestion from a friend to the next but never truly understanding what we’re getting into. Don’t allow this to sound like you anymore, let’s get focused.

Any healing method can work for anyone, any time, anywhere.

We are broad minded thinkers here (but not over thinkers). What works for one person may or may not work for you, the question is were you relentless with it…

  • in your application of the techniques
  • Relentless in your will to understand it and how it connects to your anxiety disorder
  • Relentless in your level of mindfulness as you go through the day

You don’t have to be confident in treating an anxiety disorder, you have to be relentless. Because it’s the conscious relentlessness that manifests into believing something different. Once we have a set foundation that we apply for a set period of time consciously we can then begin allowing ourselves to become more unconscious again.

treating an anxiety disorder

When treating an anxiety disorder first we are heavily conscious, followed by less conscious, leading to becoming more unconscious, and extremely unconscious.

This is what makes a successful anxiety treatment plan so valuable. The insights from your commitment begin becoming entrenched within you as an identity. You begin feeling like your level of conscious awareness and application lessens more and more as you reach the end goal of letting go and becoming your new belief systems.

Remember, you’re worth it. You’re worth the time you put into yourself even though sometimes it may not feel like it. Your healing is determined by your level of self worth. Low levels of self worth will lead to placing a ceiling on your healing, don’t allow this to be you. Instead, commit to treating an anxiety disorder, not manage it.

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