TAGP 246: Overthinking And Anxiety – 5 Ways To End The Habit Now

June 29, 2020

anxiety and overthinking

Overthinking and anxiety, a habit that makes us re-think who we’ve become and how. ‘What ever happened to the old days when I was spontaneous and let things brush off of me quickly?’ one may think. Today we’re diving deep into this topic and revealing what we need to in order to re-gain our inner freedom.

Overthinking and anxiety tend to go together like salt and pepper.

Anxiety sufferers long for those days when their intuition led their lives. How freeing it was. With overthinking one tends to think there is a necessary need for it (out of safety) and yet the answer never shows up. Why? Because the answers to the original questions come with more questions! The person soon feels trapped in their monkey minds and their tightly wired bodily instincts.

Remember, if something has been consistently done in a persons life they will deem it as being safe. It’s the default way of living for them. Even if a new habit is better for them long term they’ll consciously and unconsciously revert back to familiarity.

Familiarity equals Safety. Safety equals whatever came first in our lives and what was practiced the most often.

The more we understand the habit of overthinking and anxiety, the faster we can see through the habit. Seeing through the habit means to recognize the limits that the habit places on our lives. This takes heightened awareness. Heightened awareness is a result of curiosity, we must become curious around what we do and why we do it now.

When trust is built in a new habit, a feeling of letting go of the old creeps in. Trust is a vital part of healing anxiety. The more you can trust in whatever self work you’re correctly doing and applying in the moment of fear, the faster you will overcome your repeated anxiousness.

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