The Cold Hard Truth About You And Your Anxiety

July 17, 2014

Alright, so if you’re reading this right now you are either:

1) Extremely intrigued by the title

2) Have an anxiety disorder and are stopping by to read more information on anxiety (as if you aren’t an expert already)

The truth is if you’re part of group #2 I want to firstly say welcome, and secondly say it wasn’t too long ago that I was in the same anxious shoes as yours. My health anxiety took me to places I never thought I would go. Places like the church to ‘find god’ because a doctor sure wasn’t helping me out with my panic attacks and anxiety, Bali where I moved my newly crowned fiancée and my 1-year-old so I could get a ‘fresh start’ and maybe shake this feeling of helplessness I had, and finally every damn emergency room in the city of Calgary where I would pretty much spend as much time at as a part-time employee due to the fear of death that my symptoms of anxiety caused me.

No one I mean NO ONE played the role of wearing a ‘fake mask’ in public the way I did, I had in fact become an expert at it. A ‘good morning’ here to my co workers at the tennis facility I was teaching at, a ‘great’ answer there when I was asked how my day was going as I fearfully hopped on the stationary bicycle at the local gym, fearful that my heart just might exploded.

I was so good at this fake me, that I could easily teach a class of hundreds on how to convince the general public that your life was as normal and upbeat as anyones.

But the truth was I was fighting my demons, skeletons, whatever you want to call it every second (no lie) of everyday. My recovery from an anxiety disorder wasn’t a straight path either, and you want to know why? Here’s why, and I might blow your mind with this one but here it goes… Because the health care ‘professionals’ I went to didn’t want me to recovery from my anxiety disorder, and constantly led me towards the next session with them.

the anxiety guy

Just another day…

That one struck a nerve in you I’m sure, but before you start blasting me emails and spreading the word on what a bad man I am, remember I’m the one that has recovered naturally from an anxiety disorder, and I now am clear on what works and what doesn’t while you are still searching high and low for answers (again, truth). Answers to the new symptoms of anxiety that popped up last night, answers for how to re-condition yourself so you can be that social butterfly you once were again, and on and on.

Yep, in most cases the worst thing you can do is put your anxiety disorder in the hands of a ‘professional’

Why? Because THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO GET BETTER (sorry for the caps). Why don’t they want you to get better? Well the short answer is because if you get better, they won’t see you again, and that can not only dampen their reputation, but dampen their wallets as well (remember, that’s the short answer). God forbid they find out that you did your own research, and found out that the chemical imbalance theory is completely flawed, and you had to flush out all your meds.

I get asked for advice on anxiety every single day, things like how do I stop panic attacks? How do I stop worrying about my symptoms of anxiety and how can I get my life back. Well after overcoming debilitating anxiety disorders naturally, becoming a well-known CBT trainer in my area, and successfully helping many people end their anxiety (as well as their daily check-ups at the local emergency to see if the ECG test will reveal anything, it will always be the same if you have anxiety so you know), I decided to take matters into my own hands and fill people with the truth behind stopping their anxiety. Do you want to hear the truth to stopping your anxiety naturally? Of course you do, and it comes in a few simple and slightly harsh ways which are:

– Find a mentor who’s been in your shoes, and has ended their anxiety struggle naturally

– Come up with a plan, and if you don’t have a plan or struggle to make one, invest in the end the anxiety program and stop doing things at random

– Put in the effort mentally, physically, and emotionally for a set period of time (yes longer then what you’re thinking)

– Stop seeing health care professionals, and even therapists that you have no rapport with

– Stop talking about your anxiety

– Stop feeling helpless and hopeless everyday, because what ‘they’ say is actually true; you CAN turn what you think is impossible today into possible tomorrow (tomorrow as in, in the future, you know). Finally…

– Smile at your fear and anxiety, instead of running from it

The exact moment those words were uttered that changed my life forever.

Yes you read that last one right, and you know where it came from? The movie Gladiator! You know you’ve seen it a bizillion times just like me come on! Remember the part when Marcos Aurelius says to the emperor; ‘Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back’ I took those words from that movie and used it as a tool to desensitize myself from my fears. Every time I felt the panic cycle starting in me, and the ‘what if’ thoughts creeping in, I repeated those words in my mind constantly and with it came slow but certain relief from my anxiety. Simply because I conditioned myself not to fear anymore, but to smile in the face of my greatest fear… what a rush it was I tell ya.

Hope you enjoyed this read, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 comments on “The Cold Hard Truth About You And Your Anxiety

  1. I can absolutely relate to everything said here! I now tell myself before a big race, or anything that really “scares” me-”Feel the fear and do it anyway”. Best of luck to you-