TAGP 122: 10 Reasons You’re Addicted To Negative Thinking

June 25, 2018

“You Can’t Have A Positive Life With A Negative Mindset.”

Is being addicted to negative thinking your fault? Not necessarily if you think about how much of what we do on a daily basis is through our subconscious minds. Nevertheless it is your responsibility to reverse these ways of thinking and perceiving so that you can consistently reach the emotional state you want in your life.

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The opposite of being addicted to negative thinking isn’t positive thinking, it’s rational coupled with optimistic ways of thinking.

I say this because there are too many people in the world blindly just trying to think positively. They’re lying to themselves, their core beliefs let them know they’re lying through icky feelings they get whenever they ‘think positive,’ and they never achieve the results they shoot for. What I’m talking about is experience, looking back and recognizing the facts that support a new way of perceiving what’s going on.

You have the experience, but too many of us choose to jump to conclusions well before we look at all the facts.

This holds true for health anxiety sufferers, to generalized anxiety, to anyone suffering from agoraphobia and beyond. it’s the inner critic saying change is too scary, and way too painful. You’ve never achieved a rational/optimistic mindset in anything before, what makes you think you can now? But you have. You just don’t recognize it because your perceptual filters currently don’t allow you to.

Fear and happiness are always a struggle to achieve for your subconscious mind. It wants to do both for you but if it had to choose between the two it would choose protecting your safety over keeping you happy. So if you’re currently addicted to negative thinking, understand that it’s a safety mechanism and man of us fall victim to creating a cycle behind it. Until today.

In today’s powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be diving into:

  • Why some people can move away from being addicted to negative thinking faster than others
  • Which tools are the best to practice on a daily basis
  • What keeps you stuck in the cycle of negative thinking for far too long

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4 comments on “TAGP 122: 10 Reasons You’re Addicted To Negative Thinking

  1. SHERESE NICOLE RUSH Jun 25, 2018

    Yes hello dennis this is sherese i have been
    listening to your cast for quite some time and it is true that we have to take 1 moment at a time to be able to heal each day! Im not going to claim anxiety but i will say that the experience of it has been slowly depleting out of my life so from January until today that road gets a little smoother , and the pebbles in the road are fewer and fewer so i would like to say keep doing what your doing to help people like me love you!!!

  2. Susan Lally Jun 29, 2018

    Hi Dennis, My 21 yr old son deals with anxiety and dissociation. He and I have been watching your videos which have been very helpful. They are extremely helpful with tools, knowledge and moving forward thru darkness. Keep up what you are doing!!!