TAGP 125: Understanding Anxiety And Exhaustion During Recovery

July 16, 2018

“Change Work Can Be Tiring Sometimes, But In The End It Will Definitely Be Worth It.”

I heard one of my clients one day plead for help asking ‘why do I feel so exhausted even though my anxiety levels have lessened tremendously?’ It’s a common concern that can spur on a cycle of ‘what if’ thoughts that just may halt all your progress over anxiety.

Today’s Episode Will Make It Clear As To Why Understanding Anxiety And Exhaustion Is So Crucial

understanding anxiety and exhaustion

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Key word from that last sentence is ‘sometimes.’ Not everyone who’s gotten to a place of more neutral emotions during everyday life, and the feelings of further peace will feel highly fatigued.

My deepest beliefs though are that the higher the climb is towards positive change, the more chance exhaustion will accompany the person. How could it possibly be any other way?

The Harder The Conscious Mind Has To Work To Shift Limiting Perspectives, The More Fatigued A Person Will Feel!

Which should be anticipated prior to the start of any CBT based method to overcome anxiety. The mind is very expensive energy wise, it needs nourishment in the forms of proper nutrition and sleep. These two components will make up your willpower points daily, so keep an eye on them as you keep on understanding anxiety and exhaustion.

In today’s powerful podcast episode we’ll go deep into the inner workings of the mind, body and spirit during times of personal change. There’s a reason for everything, every effect has a cause, so let’s get to the bottom of your anxiety and exhaustion today.

In today’s episode we’re diving deep into these 3 aspects:

  • Why understanding anxiety and exhaustion is important for your recovery
  • How to begin overturning the feelings of fatigue
  • How to speak to yourself in a way that promotes further self love

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9 comments on “TAGP 125: Understanding Anxiety And Exhaustion During Recovery

  1. Angie Jul 16, 2018

    I started back to work today after 2 weeks of vacation time. I started having anxious thoughts, began doubting myself and muscle tension. I instantly thought that I was failing myself and everything I’ve been working on in the program. I really needed to hear this today.

  2. mohanned Jul 16, 2018

    very inspiring dennis… just one question..every day i wake up i feel panicky and depressed with bodily sensations i dont want see the world i dont want to go to work .. but i push my self ..i wash my face i get dressed then go to work sraying there at office on pins and needls .. fearing the fear itsself and bodily symptoms then i go home ..later go out .to shooting club or to mall with friemds also the same thing fear of fear fear of faint or die ..so dennis as u said in u podcast there are like 2 sides one is want do something other resist it.. so do u think that wht i been having for last 2 months.. i feel my body compelety exhausted no energy like low battery and lije my mind and body are going to shut down.. and do y think its a good sign because im doing what my critical voice want not do it.. ill go out i feel thr fear the sensaton and my subconsious want me to avoid and stay home.. is it why im feeling drained of energy .. im not exhausting my self now any more even if i feel i want go out but my body cannot carry i go home rest .relax and do some breathing .. thts my question dennis bless u

  3. camille crosby Jul 16, 2018

    hi good day

  4. mohanned Jul 17, 2018

    hi dennis .. im defying my thoughts which always asking me to avoide ..not doing things not going out.. do u think when there is true voice and critucal voice cause a conflict and as a result i get exhausted bodily and mentaly and feel dizzy and pressuee in my head… medicaly im fine just to ket u know thx

  5. Jayme kushman Jul 17, 2018

    Im having alto of trouble moving pass some parts of this health anxiety and staying out of the rut

  6. Cristina Jul 26, 2018

    Dennis you never failto answer my questions and set mw straight. Thank u. I hope you realize just how much youre helping so many of us. God bless u

  7. Allen Sep 20, 2018

    Another great podcast Dennis!, and I have to say this is where I feel perhaps the greatest struggle in my ongoing recovery, that of forming new habits, now that I have been doing that, the energy levels feel depleted a lot more (so will tend to nap at least once during the day) the good thing is though that now I know this reasonable considering the mental resources it takes to adopt these new habits, and once they are well formed take basically no energy and occur automatically. Thank you again for your awesome podcasts.