TAGP 102: Anxiety And Exhaustion, Why It Seems Never-ending

February 5, 2018

“The Mindset And Skill Sets, You Need Both Against Anxiety And Exhaustion.”

Are you exhausted from your fight with anxiety? Does the road seem never-ending and ruthless? Are you ready for a change ? That last question is one where many people say yes to, but simply lack the understanding of what it truly means.

Positive Change Happens When You
Not Only Realize You’ve Been Living An Internal Lie, But You Conjure The Courage To Believe In Something Different With All Your Heart.

Anxiety provides a person with many skills. Think about it. What sort of skill sets have you gained because of anxiety? Stubbornness (in a good way), persistence, the ability to focus on one particular aspect of an event (tunnel vision). Now imagine taking these skill sets you gained through anxiety, and using it for a better purpose towards changing your life.

That new purpose is for good. For thinking rationally and in a way where you see the big picture in every situation (cognitive flexibility), and to conjure up enough emotion to not only know the new belief in your mind, but also in your gut and nervous system. This creates a building point against anxiety and exhaustion.

There Is Nothing More Draining To A Person Than Daily Emotional Fighting. Anxiety Can Make You Feel Like Your Worry Is Purposeful, But In Reality It’s Useless.

So as we dive into the real reasons behind anxiety and exhaustion, I want to open up your eyes to a whole new world. A world of seeing through these patterns and behaviours. To be able to understand the type of strategy the world uses when dealing with anxiety and exhaustion, and how it back-fires every time.

In Episode #102 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we dive deep into:

  • The 1 strategy that doesn’t work when dealing with anxiety
  • How to begin executing a new way of thinking to overcome anxiety and exhaustion
  • How to escape the beliefs you hold that cause you further fatigue

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3 comments on “TAGP 102: Anxiety And Exhaustion, Why It Seems Never-ending

  1. Mohanned Feb 6, 2018

    Hi dennis .. i was listing to u podcast. … yes tht wht i been doing for 4 years.. i been relying on well power and motivation clips ..so tht why i now understand why its still contuining .. bcz well power and motivation is short cure for anxiety and panic like pill… gives me relife for short time making me push my self to go out join activities ..but next day anxiety returns then i feel have failed.. also i deoend on montivation vedios and friends reassurance.. i been doing breathing excecise and meditation vidulasation.. but as u said i admit i never get committed to them i was i dont it twice and i thought it was like a magic everything would gone.. i need to put my emotions and feelings and be consintent doing them e everyday and never think about gettinh the outcome so quiekly .. yes thx dennis

  2. Loren Mar 10, 2018

    Just discovered your podcasts! Great stuff! Worrying about weight and I’ve gained a few pounds causes me huge amounts of anxiety. A fixation if you will. Also fight or flight. I feel it when it comes on my heart starts racing and find it hard to control. Wish I could flick a switch to turn it off!! Do you have any podcasts that might relate to these issues ?