TAGP 100: How To Speed Up Your Anxiety Recovery By Helping Others

January 22, 2018

“The Deepest Levels Of Change Occur When You Help Someone Else In Need.”

It’s truly an amazing feeling to help someone in need, but when it does good for you and your anxiety recovery as well it’s a double smash hit. Many anxiety sufferers have become extremely educated about spiritual, emotional, and mental health but never seem to conquer their own fears and insecurities.

When We Help A Friend In Need We Shift The Perspectives Over Our Own Anxieties 

This can create a snowball effect in the positive, rational, optimistic sides of thinking for you. I can hear you say ‘Dennis, how can I help someone else when I can’t event help myself though?’ The answer to that question begins and ends with trust.

Trust In Yourself That You Have The Capabilities To Help Another, Belief Doesn’t Grow At the Beginning Of A Journey It Grows During The Journey

Think about the human needs you’re meeting when you help another person through their anxiety recovery: Significance, growth, love and connection, certainty. You’ve already met 4 basic human needs which in turn gets you to begin seeing yourself differently.

No longer will you wake up every morning, put on your anxiety suit, grab your anxiety baggage and take on the day! No, your day will look a whole lot different because you’ve met these human needs and your anxiety recovery will in turn speed up. Get ready because change is right around the corner warrior, so let’s get relentless!

No Matter The Severity Or Length Of Suffering, Anxiety Recovery Is Always One Realization Away

So in this Milestone Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we dive into:

  • The fastest path towards anxiety recovery for you
  • What components have been keeping you from progressing lately
  • How helping others builds the life skills you need

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2 comments on “TAGP 100: How To Speed Up Your Anxiety Recovery By Helping Others

  1. Danielle Apr 17, 2019

    Hey how can i stop myself from waking up at 5am frm my anxitey…

    • Sounds like a subconscious program. I would find the traumatic events that led to this sensitivity and embark on an emotional reframing journey to change the meaning and release the emotion. I’d also check how stimulated you may be prior to sleeping, and which thoughts you go to bed with. ❤️