TAGP 103: Top 10 Signs You’re Ending Anxiety Forever

February 12, 2018

podcast for ending anxiety forever

“Although Ending Anxiety Forever May Scare A Part Of You, Know That Life Is Meant To BeLived In Clarity Of Mind, Gratitude, And In Peace.”

“Is it possible to begin ending anxiety forever?” Dana asked me one day. I sat and thought about this idea for a few moments before answering with a firm “Absolutely Dana!” Where was the evidence that supported this answer? In the form of what science tells us today, my personal experience, as well as others around me.

There’s So Much Focus On Fear And Pain In Today’s World That We Become So Accustomed To Thinking In Terms Of Lack.

If the 6 o’clock news shared success stories we’d never watch! Fear speaks directly to the part of our brains responsible for our survival, and once we attach ourselves to it our emotional brain kicks in and we’re in the deep end brain washed and heart washed (my new term I made up). We can’t grasp the idea of ending anxiety forever because we just don’t hear enough of the other side of the story in our everyday life.

The Part That Says Our Brains, Bodies, And Spirit Can Create Any Change We Want As Long As We Plant The Seed, And Water It Daily Through Our Thoughts, Words, Actions, And Imagination.

I truly believe that there is a shift happening in today’s world though. Anxiety sufferers especially are waking up! They’re understanding the patterns that run their anxious state, they’re realizing there is more than just one way towards ending anxiety forever. And most people are beginning to conjure up the courage to follow in the footsteps of other anxiety success stories.

That’s what this podcast episode is about. Opening your eyes to new possibilities and recognizing what’s working in your life towards ending anxiety forever. Your progress and success is no accident, you’re creating it. And you are also creating your reality each and every moment of your life through the vibration you send around your body and outside your body.

In Episode #103 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I Will Open Your Eyes To:

  • The 1 realization that’s changing everything for you
  • The habits that hurt and help your progress towards ending anxiety forever
  • What keeps so many people in a cycle of 3 steps forward and 3 steps back

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