TAGP 111: How Symptom Stress Adds To Your Anxiety Tremendously

April 9, 2018

“Symptom Stress Can Make Us Forget What The Original Cause Of Our Stress Was!”

In the early 2000’s Albert Ellis created a term called symptom stress wherein someone would feel upset over the fact that they were upset. It’s a vicious cycle that many times goes unrecognized in today’s world and creates a spiderweb of thoughts and beliefs that manifests into heightened states of anxiety.

Being anxious about being anxious, becoming depressed about being anxious, are just a few examples of symptom stress. This cycle haunted me for years without any let off whatsoever until I started CBT & NLP. Even the anticipation of anxiousness on the day ahead was enough to throw me into a loop of thinking I was going crazy, and would lose control of my body.

Symptom Stress Drains Our Energy Sources Faster Than Anything Else.

Many times we forget the original cause of the anxiousness because we’re so caught up in our secondary response to the initial feeling. We beat ourselves up so badly mentally and emotionally that we begin feeling the effects physically and spiritually.

Our spirit crumbles with every trapped emotion we embed into our systems

So in this episode of the anxiety guy podcast I wanted to take it upon myself to explain this inner cycle better to the warriors out there. I wanted to go deep into the understanding around it and fill you with enough clarity to begin seeing through what was currently happening.

Imagine using that energy that we use up entertaining symptom stress and putting it to use in some other productive way. This is our goal together. To begin shifting the mindset from debilitating to uncomfortable, from fear to opportunity, and from seeing the finish line to constant and never-ending improvement.

In episode #111 of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be sharing:dealing with symptom stress

  • Powerful examples of what symptom stress is
  • How symptom stress affects a persons anxiety levels
  • What to do about this cycle starting today

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6 comments on “TAGP 111: How Symptom Stress Adds To Your Anxiety Tremendously

  1. Cristina Apr 9, 2018

    Once again Dennis thank you for this better understanding. Though it really is touvh to change the mindset after so many years of this negative cycle it begins to get easier when we realize we are trapped and just need a different way of thinking to get out. Fingers crossed. You are amazing so glad i found you.

  2. mohanned Apr 10, 2018

    yes its true. i never knew tht was putting more stress on me all time… i was having panic attacks and constant fear…physical symptoms. at the same time i was loading my self with other pressures …stupid thinng tht i should have dismess it.. and focusing of symmptoms tht put more load.. so tht why its now unbearable.. its a lesson .. from now ill change my focus ..ill give up let whever happen happens… no more load on my nerves thx dennis