TAGP 209: Get To Know Your Anxiety Symptoms Better Now

October 14, 2019

your anxiety symptoms

Your anxiety symptoms can cause all sorts of mental and emotional conflict, I should know, I’ve been ‘there.’ The lack of understanding behind these bodily feelings can lead to reactive behaviours and intrusive thinking. That is why it’s crucial that we understand the statements and the questions being brought forward from these sensations.

Your anxiety symptoms are a direct result of overwhelming experiences from your younger years, as well as thinking and feeling patterns that have led to catastrophic interpretations

The need for control over your anxiety symptoms lead to the addiction to suffering. This is a true addiction, maybe not consciously, but subconsciously. An anxiety sufferer finds themselves leading a life feeling like they’re running up a mountain each day. Everything is a struggle because that’s what we saw, what we were told, and what we continued to feed ourselves in our thinking.

A ‘flow state’ however is a place of less effort and more faith in healing

Your anxiety symptoms can direct you toward inner and outer chaos, or personal growth. Chaos if we choose to maintain our victim mentality and lead our lives based on the beliefs we’ve carried with us up to now. Personal growth if we choose to see things from our inner child’s perspective and take a loving and nurturing approach to our responses.

Overcoming anxiety isn’t a miracle, instead it’s a set of understandings, skill sets, and habits that lead to a new emotional state

My goal today is to bring to your attention what you may not have realized yet about your anxiety symptoms. Get ready for a deep level of clarity towards your total healing from anxiety.

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2 comments on “TAGP 209: Get To Know Your Anxiety Symptoms Better Now

  1. Gitta Ghovanlou Nov 8, 2019

    Been dealing with depression and anxiety since 2017, its been an uphill battle as you mentioned in this podcast. Each day its a though I am pushing a rock up the hill and it gets exhausting, What I want to do is read more by taking a class online and then starting my own blog. Love your blogs and book.