TAGP 211: How To Deal With Anxiety Through Higher Consciousness

October 28, 2019

how to deal with anxiety

Could worsening symptoms of stress and anxiety be a result of low levels of awareness from day to day events? Absolutely, 110%. Since consciousness (in my world) is defined as the ability to see, hear, feel, taste and smell through a higher plane, it’s an essential skill for healing anxiety. This higher plane of consciousness takes you out of your old perceptions, and puts you in alignment with ‘bigger thinking.’

We can learn how to deal with anxiety better simply by opening ourselves up to new possibilities.

Higher consciousness comes with a deeper understanding around the causes for your generalized anxiety, panic disorder, health anxiety, or other challenges. It’s momentum around multiple ‘a-ha’ moments of clarity day in and day out. In this place of questioning the old perceptions and welcoming in a broader more open minded you, you become free from anxiety slavery.

To give you a good example of what higher consciousness feels like, think of it as unconditional self love for yourself. When this level of self love shows up regularly, you don’t make ‘mistakes’ anymore, and there is no failure. There is only life. There is no up’s and down’s, only a flow state that provides total acceptance.

Total acceptance must overtake excessive emotionally backed judgements around your current symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Here’s another example of higher consciousness. Think of yourself without your name. If you weren’t Jill, David, Benny, whoever, and you were just you what would your identity look like. Also, how differently would you view the world around you? Your name comes with limits, strengths, and a need to uphold a certain self image. But what if you didn’t need to do that anymore?

In order to learn how to deal with anxiety and put it behind us, we must begin thinking of ourselves differently. We must literally check-in with ourselves multiple times throughout the day and ask ‘am I thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting in line with my future more empowered identity?’ If the answer is no, you need a clear plan for healing anxiety that you can follow now.

Einstein reminds us that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing while expecting a different result. A common habit for anxiety sufferers today unfortunately.

It’s not all your fault, in fact very little of it is your fault. You never learned how to deal with anxiety in a way that leads you to say goodbye to coping with anxiety, and hello to true healing. You picked up the patterns and habits from mom and dad through environmental traumas from your past. And voila! We have the truest beliefs about who you are and what the world has to offer as an adult today.

You know what direction low levels of consciousness drove me towards for many years? Depersonalization! I wouldn’t wish these types of symptoms of stress and anxiety on my worst enemy. It’s hell, feeling like an outer body experience 24 hours a day and an unsteadiness that makes you feel like your 15 beers in. Yuck.

In the end, it’s not ok to live in this inner place. Anxiety isn’t normal, it’s abnormal. Stress on the other hand as it comes and goes is normal, but anxiety, the constant state of such deep sensitization that only attaches itself to more catastrophic interpretations by the moment is not ok. So today, I’m proud to say, will be the eye opener you’ve been waiting for. If you’re open to it.

Because learning how to deal with anxiety so that inner progress is a common theme in your life is what’s real. Not coping, managing, or hoping that time itself will heal your emotional wounds.

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