TAGP 296: Here’s How Anxiety Lessons Will Lead To Your Higher Self

June 14, 2021

Reaching our higher self is a result of learning the lessons anxiety is teaching us. As we dive deep into today’s podcast episode you will understand more deeply how to tap into your higher self.

Yes, it is possible to live life in an effortless manner but still manifest all your inner desires. When I refer to inner desires I’m talking about feeling states, emotions, ways of thinking, an identity, not material things or external experiences. To reach this ‘flow state’ we must become flexible in our perceptions and not differentiate between good and bad, but rather see everything as life experiences.

Your higher self is waiting for your arrival.

higher self

Imagine, once and for all questioning all we believed about ourselves and life. What a moment of great freedom and uncertainty (which is a good thing). As we follow this path towards the higher self everything starts to change but we may still cling to our old ideas from time to time. As your past looks to become your present your response to this inner voice is everything, and will determine whether you live in survival mode (lower self) or a flow state (higher self). Life is not to be experienced in fear and doubt, life is to be learned from and applied towards greater services amongst humanity.

When you stop thinking so much about death you will begin to live again.

A life of prevention is no life at all, neither does it do a good job of preventing what it is you want to prevent. Mind tricks by the inner child/subconscious mind (watch this YouTube video) looking to preserve old beliefs and keep us in a perpetual state of fear. This was our programming growing up, yet our future will be much different. Our higher self is calling and it’s time we answered the call. Life is about to open it’s arms up to you, will you open yours back?

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One comment on “TAGP 296: Here’s How Anxiety Lessons Will Lead To Your Higher Self

  1. Arline Westmeier Jun 16, 2021

    This post was truly worthwhile to read. I wanted to say thank you for the key points you have pointed out as they are enlightening.