TAGP 295: Applying Outside Thinking To End Intrusive Thoughts For Good

June 7, 2021

Intrusive thoughts have the power to generate a very strong emotional response causing us to experience unnecessary anxiety. Today I want to teach you what I refer to as ‘outside thinking’ to bring you towards a place of observing, rather than reacting.

Imagine, seeing an intrusive thought for what it is… an idea (this YouTube video will explain deeply). Nothing more, nothing less. For most of us our rational minds understand the non factual idea arising in the form of an intrusive thought, however we still regularly fall for these ideas as anxiety sufferers. Is it habit? Is it a certain degree of comfort and familiarity? Have we grown comfortable with a certain degree of certainty when it comes to how we react to specific intrusive thoughts? The answer is yes.

Intrusive thoughts by themselves hold no power over us, none.

The ability to implement outside thinking puts power back into the hands of our rational ways of thinking. We can now begin separating one idea from the next and begin choosing which we would like to act on. We no longer live an unconscious life being led by our intrusive thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Rather, we are beginning to do the leading as we live a life of higher awareness and consciousness. Life becomes complicated when intrusive thoughts dictate who we are and what we do. Life gets simpler when we see beyond them.

intrusive thoughts

Anxiety is nothing more than stories we’ve began believing in.

These stories are a result of past trauma and emotional baggage that has dictated our perceptions and our feelings. Every person listening to this episode of the anxiety guy podcast has the ability to reverse intrusive thoughts and bring inner peace back into their lives. My question for you is whether you will begin implementing outside thinking starting today or revert back to a familiar yet limited comfort zone and therefore anxiety? Let’s start the healing process today.

Key notes from today’s podcast episode below:

  • The problem isn’t the intrusive thought itself, it’s the psychological and physiological snowball that occurs because of the intrusive thoughts.
  • A screaming child left alone eventually stops screaming, gets tired, and goes to bed. The more often we leave the screaming child alone the faster they will realize that the attention is not coming and the faster they will stop screaming. 
  • The Goal: To see the intrusive thoughts or feelings as an experience, an opinion, not as truth.

Key reflections:

“I’m having a thought.”

“This is not valid and won’t hold up unless I add to it through other stories I tell myself.”

“I’m having the experience of having a thought about…”

You don’t have to become your intrusive thoughts.

  1. Catch them, therefore becoming conscious and less unconscious throughout the day.
  2. Separate from them by recognizing where it comes from and why it’s there (inner child connected ideas out of preservation of old beliefs and protection purposes).
  3. Allow them to subside naturally and not forcefully over time.

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