TAGP 297: Theory vs Practicality In Healing Your Anxiety Disorder (DEEP INSIGHTS)

June 21, 2021

Do you rely solely on outside information and knowledge in healing your anxiety disorder? Do you apply moment to moment skill sets throughout your day to limit the anxious sensitivity you have? Which works best? Find out below…

I was faced with a big dilemma during my anxiety days (Here’s a YouTube video on my story). The comfort of reading up on anxiety in the hopes of a miraculous shift in my perceptions vs the application of skill sets that would certainly place me in uncomfortable scenarios. Of course, to heal something you must reveal it first, confront it, shift the associations you have towards it. But what if the wisdom gathered through anxiety books and anxiety success stories could be enough?

Healing your anxiety disorder demands both the knowledge and application of specific skills.

healing your anxiety disorder

Theory creates understanding if enough time is spent looking to understand. However, relying heavily on theory alone can lead to overthinking which takes a person away from their intuitiveness. When this happens comfort zones get strengthened and spontaneity is feared.

Practicality build certainty, which is a far greater endeavor than searching for confidence since confidence is fleeting and certainty is definite. Practicality builds personal skill sets and a deeper understanding as well but has its downfalls in terms of when an anxiety setback arises. It is possible that a person who relies heavenly on practicality to heal runs into setbacks that they can’t find themselves understanding or getting out of, hence the need for balance between theory and practicality when healing the subconscious aspects of anxiety.

Here’s the difference between theory and practicality within the context of healing:

  • Theory = head driven.
  • Practicality = heart driven.
  • Theory = a deeper understanding.
  • Practicality = a tighter connection with.
  • Theory = builds intelligence.
  • Practicality = builds intuition.

Answer these questions in regards to healing your anxiety disorder….

  1. Are you more driven by a need for understanding or implementation?
  2. Do you intuitively sense a balance going forward in your anxiety healing journey between gaining theory and being practical?
  3. Are you afraid of one or the other because of deep seated fears around them? One person may be heavily involved in theory out of fear of putting into action what they know because of a fear of change. Another person may look for and implement the practical skills daily but doesn’t have the patience to understand what it is they’re trying to achieve.

As we dive deep into this discussion in todays anxiety guy podcast episode we will reveal plenty in regards to healing your anxiety disorder. You will get to know yourself better and why you do what you do. Why you may be afraid of the uncertainty that comes with change and why you cling onto the certainty that comes with fear. How you may have attached your identity to anxiety and what you must do to dis-identify from this state. Let us take another giant step forward today towards becoming more than anxiety, enjoy the episode.

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3 comments on “TAGP 297: Theory vs Practicality In Healing Your Anxiety Disorder (DEEP INSIGHTS)

  1. Vincent Jun 22, 2021

    Excellent, and spontaneity is more important than I realised thank you 🙏