TAGP 131: 3 Powerful Ways To Counter Negative Thinking

August 27, 2018

“To Counter Negative Thinking Means To Shift The Way You Feel.”

One of the skills I wish I had learned early on as a child was how to counter negative thinking. We learn to fear as we grow up, and that fear can connect itself to other people, situations, and even to bodily sensations. So many times in our minds we only hear that one critical and fearful voice, but we don’t know how to listen to the opposing one.

There are two sides to every story, so why do we consistently listen to one? Because it gives us a sense of safety and security.

how to counter negative thinking

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To be prepared for the threat means to avoid the threat (at least this is how we make it up in our minds). How common is this with health anxiety for example today? To brood over each and every symptom of anxiety, even though the doctors and every other professional on earth said they were a healthy person.

Negative thinking has its headquarters in the base of fear and doubt. We think negatively, so we express ourselves negatively (consciously and unconsciously), because we feel threatened in this day and age. Every day there are threats to our social status, our financial situation, and as the media frames it… our lives.

Negativity covers up the fact that we’re confused, our ego stays intact while our physical and emotional health becomes drained.

In todays podcast episode I want to reveal some knowledge you may not yet be aware of. As well as give you three powerful ways to counter negative thinking starting today. These methods are based around the teachings of cognitive behavioural therapy which I whole heartedly recommend if you’re currently dealing with anxiety.

With continued consciousness from moment to moment, and the mindset of guiding your mind towards a separate perspective, you will begin feeling just the way you deserve each day. In Episode #131 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’ll be digging into:

  • What unconscious patterns keep a person thinking negatively
  • How to properly and effectively counter negative thinking
  • Why each epiphany you leads you one step closer to anxiety recovery

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12 comments on “TAGP 131: 3 Powerful Ways To Counter Negative Thinking

  1. Karen C Aug 27, 2018

    Thank you so much for all your passion with helping others through your knowledge and reliving your recovery with us, so we can see the proof. Thank you for your support!

  2. As soon as I saw your post I started using “OR” after negative thinking. This pod cast was brilliant, 3 simple but very powerful ways to change, thanks again.

  3. nice
    How to Stop Negative Thinking ?

  4. mohanned Aug 28, 2018

    hi dennis . i noticed when i talk on phone or talk to anybody about bad event happed to me whio i ecperinced anxiety.. my heart rate starts ti go up and remains for hour .. heart beat can exceed 95 beat per minute.. so dennis can we relat tallking about any bad experunce or recalll it will make race hearbeat thx

    • Of course. Every time you verbalized a past emotionally traumatic experience you’re only adding to the strength of that memory. If you speak about it in a way where you now perceive what happened differently you’re emotional reaction will also be different.

  5. I was taking an education class and we talked about how little kids are fearless (generally speaking) and willing to learn new tasks. Over time, they become conditioned by society to become overly negative towards themselves and their perception of the world. While part of it is the natural need to recognize real danger, there’s way too much added baggage that kids don’t need and that plagues them into adulthood. I remember reading the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” and this reminded me that there are ways to correct learned bad thinking, i.e. negative thinking. Thanks for the reminder Dennis that bad behaviors can be countered.