TAGP 54: How Long Will Your Anxiety Recovery Take?

March 6, 2017

anxiety recovery “Have Patience With All Things, But First Of All Yourself.”

Many people who suffer from GAD and health anxiety wonder how long anxiety recovery will take. Important question that comes with a number of factors. Those factors will be explained in detail in episode #54 of the anxiety guy podcast.

Life with anxiety can cycle between having days of freedom from worry and fear, to extreme disaster lurking behind every corner.

Catastrophic thinking and fortune telling are common habits with anxiety sufferers, but it doesn’t have to be. As a CBT Practitioner I like to take an action based approach to guiding people to change their thought patterns and eventually their belief systems all together.

Let’s Understand Though That Anxiety Recovery Should Have A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach To It

In today’s society we tend to see things in different groups. Meaning we target one aspect of anxiety recovery instead of seeing it as a package deal. Some important aspects are sleep patterns, diet, your relationships, routines that feed further anxiety and much more.

In this powerful episode I will give you the tools and main factors that will increase the chances of quick anxiety recovery. Take these tools and create a new you, a new identity of who you think you are as a human being. Because even though I don’t know you, I know you’re alive and that in itself is a miracle.

I also know you are a limitless being with incredible potential. You have the ability to turn your dreams into goals. So let’s get to the 3 main aspects we’ll be tackling in episode #54 of the anxiety guy podcast: 

  • The #1 factor to consider for anxiety recovery
  • Whether how long you’ve been suffering matters with anxiety recovery
  • How identity plays a part in your journey past anxiety

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2 comments on “TAGP 54: How Long Will Your Anxiety Recovery Take?

  1. mohamed Mar 8, 2017

    hi dennis… yes its true about the time u been through in anxiety .. i been for years ..negative thinking …making mountain out of mole hill.. vv senstive not patient whiich lead to anxiety and panic.. i been through this for 4 years now .. i been following u and other sites also ..untill now sometimes i get bettre some time worse ..plenty of setbacks.. yes it will take time to recover to reprograme u mind to changed bas habits to be patient..like ckaire said in her book which helped me alot .. accept and dont say when will i recover … thinking of time will only put u in a cycle and more anxiety .. i know we all want live life witout constant anxiety symptons but uf the only cure is accept and patient and change habits ..so let it be. we all triend medications it helps sometine but u will get depend on it .. and side effects then worry again about side effects it will never ends. so cure comes within us . but it will come no matter years of suffering knowing why u having anxiety is half treatment and other half is u …

    • Once we become disinterested in the sensations of anxiety that we’ve paid such close attention to for years, we’ve won and can move on.