TAGP 55: Overcoming Health Anxiety – Convincing Yourself You’re Healthy

March 13, 2017

overcoming health anxiety“Overcoming Health Anxiety Begins With Acceptance And Ends With Action.”

Health anxiety is a condition that bewilders many people, including professionals. The idea that every symptom of anxiety can be a life or death event doesn’t really cross the ‘average’ person’s mind. But the biggest problem health anxiety sufferers face is convincing themselves that in fact their sensations are related to the emotional cycle of anxiety.

This hurdle is half the battle towards overcoming health anxiety. Many people find that the strategies they have within them can be put to use to lower their stress and anxiety levels once they are convinced.

“People Fall Victim To This Condition For Years. Overcoming Health Anxiety Involves Awareness, Acceptance, And A Commitment To Break The Anxious Patterns.”

Overcoming health anxiety also means being able to prepare yourself for setbacks. Many people working on overcoming health anxiety fall victim to setbacks and bewilderment, and think they’ve made no progress at all. This is completely false, and deep down they know it.

What I’ve come to understand is that health anxiety sufferers who are looking for a CBT method to overcoming their condition, have lost rapport with their subconscious mind. This is where the main problem lies. In this powerful episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’m going to equip you with what you need to begin overcoming health anxiety starting today.

In this episode we look into:

  • The #1 reason for why people fail in their journey towards overcoming health anxiety
  • What you need to do today to begin convincing your mind you’re healthy
  • Why sensations of anxiety hold so much power over you

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8 comments on “TAGP 55: Overcoming Health Anxiety – Convincing Yourself You’re Healthy

  1. mohamed Mar 13, 2017

    vvvvv good podcast dennis i should have listend to it earlier… daffy duck has realy played with me today.. in breif i met a lady been month and galf it has changed my life i began to become disinterest in my symptoms .. fears she was absorbing my negativity.. my daffy duck as u said played with started later to give me more fear more physical symptoms he didnt want me to be happy wanted me to be panicky and worthless. started to giving me negative thoughts about the relashiship ..more fear more racing heart everything untill i have ruined and ended up thr relashiship with tht lady tht i was almost helped me to lose respects to my anxiety and fear.. it was today morning. the subconsious has won .. im realy regert i let the fear the physical symptims the negative thoughts play with me ..now my anxiety is back agsain stronger .. more fear of physical symptoms u kniw how it feel more racing heat numbnees makes u feel u r going have heart attack
    anyway its my story .. your podcast will sure give me the well to understand the tricks with daffy duck and wont let ny negative voice to control me anymore .its a lesson i wasted good appirtunaty with tht lady but it could me a motive for not to listen again to daffy duck tht wanted always to keep me safe but actually destroying any progress

  2. Oscar Mar 14, 2017

    Hey Dennis, I follow you on twitter and on youtube. You’ve really helped me a lot. I’m still struggling with my GAD and panic. I’ve seen so many doctors, been to the ER so many times. Even saw a cardiologist and had tests done that came back negative yet here I am with the same symptoms. I’m trying my hardest to believe and put notes around me. I have fears of being outside my comfort zone. Do you believe I should confront those fears? Like driving, going to the mall, movies, etc.? My symptoms pick up big time. Also when i’m home alone the symptoms go crazy. Thanks for reading this.

  3. Alice Mar 17, 2017

    This was really interesting and helpful. I hadn’t looked at anxiety this way before and it really helped me have a new perspective. I’m going to work on changing how I look at it, so I can overcome this.

  4. Jim Pearson Dec 21, 2019

    I have severe health anxiety. I can’t afford to pay for help now. I will after Jan. 1st. Severe stomach problems.