How Sugar is Crushing Your Chances of Anxiety Recovery

September 17, 2017

“Anxiety Recovery Will Always Be An Uphill Battle, If You Continue To Consume Processed Sugar.”

Sugar can be a deliciously sweet treat that helps make even the blandest of foods taste more appealing. To most however, sugar is an incredibly harmful ingredient that affects their health negatively in a variety of different ways. Type-2 Diabetes for example, is directly linked to excessive sugar consumption, as is obesity.

*Fact: Americans Consume An Average Of 66 Pounds Of Sugar Per Year

As it turns out, it can also have detrimental effects on your mental health, particularly anxiety. Recovering from anxiety is challenging enough as it is, but if your diet is too high in sugar, your anxiety recovery chances will be reduced even further still. Here’s a look at how this substance is crushing your chances of anxiety recovery.

Sugar causes hormonal imbalances – One key reason why sugar is deemed so detrimental for people looking to address anxiety issues and other mental health issues, is the fact that it causes hormonal imbalances. Excessive sugar consumption causes increases in the amounts of insulin secreted via the pancreas, as well as cortisol, which also helps balance blood glucose levels.

In order to produce cortisol however, progesterone is also required, so again, more progesterone is produced by the body. This increase in hormones can cause imbalances which can have detrimental effects on a person’s cognitive functions, which could result in heightened levels of anxiety.

Sugar can lead to stress – As mentioned, a hormone called cortisol is often secreted by the body to help regulate blood glucose levels when we consume too much sugar. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes us to feel anxious, stressed, and even depressed in some cases. The more cortisol we have flowing through our bodies, the more stressed and anxious we are likely to feel.

Sugar can lead to increases in anxiety symptoms – As we’re looking at anxiety recovery, the last thing you want to do is make your anxiety worse, yet by consuming too much sugar, that is exactly what you will do. You see, sugar causes us to feel jumpy, jittery, and anxious. It has also been found to enhance the symptoms of anxiety and to basically make it worse. Individuals who are affected by panic attacks often find themselves becoming hyper-alert to signs and warnings of impending danger.

They also find themselves crippled with feelings of fear and worry. When consumed, sugar causes the body to become super-sensitive to its surroundings, resulting in mental fog, fatigue, blurred vision, and trouble concentrating. All of these symptoms however, are the same symptoms as those you would experience during a panic attack. Basically, by consuming too much sugar, your body will think it is suffering from a panic attack, which is the last thing you will want.

Sugar hinders cognitive function – During anxiety recovery, a lot of experts recommend what is known as grounding. Basically, if individuals think they’re having an anxiety attack, experts recommend that they focus their minds on something else. If out in public, they may be encouraged to try to count to 10 in their heads, and to then focus on 5 green things, 4 red things, 3 blue things, and so on.

Sugar has been found to hinder cognitive function making it harder for people to focus and concentrate. If you can’t focus and concentrate on your surroundings, grounding yourself during an anxiety episode will be much harder. These are the reasons why starting today it’s important to replace your sugar needs with things such as Manuka Honey, which will provide you incredible benefits rather than disadvantages to your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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4 comments on “How Sugar is Crushing Your Chances of Anxiety Recovery

  1. Lady Grasha Sep 18, 2017

    Oh my God! I have always heard many people talk about sugar being harmful to our health, especially in diabetic individuals but I never thought it could have any link with affecting anxiety recovery too. Thank God, I’m seeing this now. It will surely be of help in helping my daughter out of the present state she is.

  2. I agree with you , I suffer from panick attack and severe depersonalization plus agoraphobia and I have realised that when I take more sugar my anxiety levels triggers . By the way I suffer too from dust allergy I mean house dust and the specialist made test cause I had itching in my whole body so I had to take antihistamines . One day I stopped with sugar intakes and my allergy improved very much till the point I stoped taking antihistsminish . Now when I go back to sugar my body itching come back and it’s terrible . I don’t need sugar to give me energy so I am going to avoid it again , not only sugar itself but all products containing it.
    Many thanks for your advices about anxiety
    Best regards