TAGP 168: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Can Anxiety Be Caused By Something On The Spiritual Side?

January 3, 2019

“Your Subconscious Mind Is A Gigantic Memory Bank With Unlimited Storage Capacity. So Sometimes You Just Don’t Know Why You Do What You Do.”

What if the spiritual experiences from childhood that you remember, and don’t remember are still affecting your anxiety levels today? Many have communicated with angels and spirits only to ask, why? Why me? And what was the purpose? I needed to take this question today for the ask the anxiety guy show because there are just not enough clear answers out there on the spiritual side to anxiety.

Much of what you feel today isn’t your fault, but your responsibility to solve

In my personal experience the spiritual word communicates with us very subtly most of the time. Some interactions feel like guidance and answers to our deepest concerns, others feel more random and make no sense. So when Shannon asked her question about how her manifestation into generalized anxiety and health anxiety was due to childhood contact with spirits, I was intrigued.

The beauty of this life is that there are an endless number of problems to solve, and CBT can help you solve those problems that are leading to your anxiety. To solve them and to come to a place of great clarity lifts our spirits and understanding of the world to great heights. Today is no different. The answer I provide will be straight from my own experiences and intuition, and believe it will speak to anyone out there who has wondered about the question of ‘can anxiety be caused by something on the spiritual side?’

Stop questioning your sanity, start seeing the message from the spiritual side.

Today on the ask the anxiety guy podcast show, we’ll be discussing the spiritual side of anxiety as well as…

  • How misinterpretations occur over things we just don’t fully understand
  • How your emotional intensity decides how deep the experience gets stored in your subconscious mind
  • What the best visualization method is to re-connect with your inner child

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