TAGP 35: Anxiety Recovery, Where To Start Your Journey

October 24, 2016

where to start your anxiety recovery“Sometimes Life Will Test You But Remember This: When You Walk Up A Mountain, Your Legs Get Stronger.”

In episode #35 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I answer a powerful question from a very important person of our community. Having gotten many of the exact same questions lately, I decided it had to be answered, and answered thoroughly. Remember that the beginning of any change is always the hardest, and anxiety recovery is no  exception.

Having gone through 6 years of debilitating health anxiety and panic disorder, I tried everything out there. But it wasn’t until I realized something that once and for all began giving me some momentum in my anxiety recovery.

I Never Truly Took The Time To Prepare Myself For My Anxiety Recovery

Many people looking for anxiety recovery skip a few essential principles that need attention. Once I implemented these principles years ago during my anxiety recovery, prepared myself for change properly, change was easy. Anxiety recovery can either be an uphill struggle, or a smooth ride. All we have to do is prepare for the journey better.

When you have the essential talk with yourself, you begin setting yourself up for success rather than failure. But no one does! Many anxiety sufferers that come to me looking to start the end the anxiety program want to get straight to the meat, the tips, the tools, the methods.

Little Do They Realize, They Can’t Properly Grasp The Methods Yet, Therefore Can’t Start Their Anxiety Recovery

So on this weeks powerful episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast, you’ll be equipped with the tools to:

  • Truly once and for all begin your anxiety recovery journey
  • See the patterns that continue to manifest failure in your life
  • Recognize toxic behaviors within you that feed your stress and anxiety

I’m truly grateful that you’re gaining a ton of relatable content, and powerful suggestions through The Anxiety Guy Podcast. Please share this episode with other anxiety sufferers. This Helps Me Provide Regular Powerful Content To Help Others On Their Natural Anxiety Recovery Journey. 

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6 comments on “TAGP 35: Anxiety Recovery, Where To Start Your Journey

  1. mohammed Oct 24, 2016

    nice podcast dennis… the story of tht woman is the same as mine but i push my self to go out even my anxiety getting worse.. the reason bcz if im in my room i have fear the physical symptons of annxiety ..outside the same the toillet the same so i had to push my self or i will end up in mental hospital. i have educated my self with everythng books dr claire and otheres.. people who went through anxiwty and recovered. . its been now 3 years . ill tell u if i hadnt educated my self of follow u podcasts or others i would have taken medication.. bcz i know whts going on with my mind and body 50 percent is the cure.. but my problem i get fed up easily the more i push my self the more anxiety gets worse. maybe not accepting is one reason bcz im not used to be patient in my entire life and never take responsibility.. and of lack confidence i have for so long .. 2 days i become in control and 7 days anxiety comes bock with rage ..in the end i get frustrated . i want to change . i have changed alot of habits . my way of talking to people i become less sensitive . but still im in the cycle.. even my friends has gotten frustrated telling me to take medicatiin for a short time.. friends used to encouregn me to accept and live with anxiety asking me to taje pills.. i know how cbt works . desinsitization step by step . i practice it everyday .. still not working with me..at least i know why.. bcz as dr claire said u mind been suffering for so long from fear and bad habits ..dont expect it to go away overnight.. takes time and lots of practicing and setbacks.. i have talked to my self i need to change i need to have wife family kids.. succefull in my work ..but my fear is preventinf me from any progress and i understand why.. bcz the habit of fear and sensitization .. at least i know why but in still get affected with it.. i know it takes time and we all recover in diferent period..just maybe i was raised not being so patient and irresponsible thts makes my recovery takes time .. plus the negative people like my family were the main reason. hope ill recover someday wish me luck

  2. Michele Oct 28, 2016

    First timer. Best advice I’ve heard. You also had me at NLP/CBT. You’re right. I haven’t suffered enough to change. And I haven’t been specific. Looking foward to hearing more.

  3. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    I can’t tell you how many times I went looking for the answer to “cure” my problem. I only recently realized I already had the cure and I needed to practice it instead of try it once and hope it works for good. A lot of people are like me where they think something is a failure with one setback and recovery then becomes an uphill battle. I am really enjoying you blog.

    • Magnification/Minimization is certainly common in that people focus on the negatives of something, and completely negate the positives. Good feedback.