TAGP 244: 5 Vital Changes Anxiety Support Groups Need To Make

June 15, 2020

anxiety support groups

The majority of Anxiety support groups today are nothing more than emotional dumping grounds.  The distress of living with anxiety and the need to be heard and connect are vitally important yes, but also must be dealt with properly.

There are right ways and wrong ways to use anxiety support groups.

Right ways promote answers and long term healing, wrong ways provide very temporary relief. Of course, to a system so invested in irrational fear and daily threat, the temporary relief from anxiety would be the default choice. This side of us couldn’t care less about the long term, but solely cares about relief right here right now.

But we shouldn’t allow this to be the case for us.

We, as anxiety warriors (here’s what I really mean by that term) must feel like we are progressing and growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually daily. We mustn’t settle for the temporary rush of serotonin and dopamine but instead look ahead in our lives and see if we’re on the right path towards healing anxiety.

Because we CAN heal anxiety, no matter what anyone says out there.

Anxiety support groups can be amazing tools on this journey for us (here’s our amazing one on Facebook). As a collective however there are changes that must be made which will benefit its members. These changes won’t feel very natural to the anxiety support group member at the start, but they are necessary to reach our personal goals.

Why? because regret is the greatest motivator.

Most anxiety sufferers intuitively know that they’re only coping with anxiety. They’re not actually healing, but managing. And they also understand the regret they’ll face many years down the road should they continue with the same internal habits they presently have.

Anxiety is a bundle of habits. Effectively run anxiety support groups today can help us change those habits.

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2 comments on “TAGP 244: 5 Vital Changes Anxiety Support Groups Need To Make

  1. Sandra Jul 7, 2020

    I used to go to a support group to treat my social anxiety. It didn’t help me to overcome it completely but it did help a bit. I think they’re worth giving a try.