TAGP 245: Becoming The Witness Of Your Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

June 22, 2020

physical symptoms of anxiety

Physical symptoms of anxiety have the potential of turning an optimistic thinking into a pessimistic thinker. Soon the person who is highly focused on their inner sensations runs into health anxiety, bringing with this a host of others inner challenges.

To become the witness of our physical symptoms of anxiety we must interpret them differently.

With a shift in interpretation comes a shift in our emotional states. When we begin feeling more disinterested in our physical symptoms of anxiety we also give ourselves permission to turn our focus elsewhere. It’s during these moments that we become the inner witness.

As we condition ourselves to observe rather than react to these physical symptoms of anxiety we also feel a sense of compassion. No longer are we the victim, but rather a person simply having an experience. As we heal health anxiety we become more self loving which is a bi-product of this inner work.

We have the capabilities of fully moving away from anxiety, everyone does.

However, what we must make sure we understand is that it’s within the new insights we gain as a result of the inner work that heals. As we see through our old fears we alter the fearful meanings we’ve placed on things from our past.

The result is a neutral state of being.

This neutral state of being hovers only a few notches towards excitement and stress throughout the day. No longer is the person feeling like an emotional yo-yo. Rather, they understand that neutralness is also an available state to be in. This neutral state leads us to inner peace. A place that can be foreign but necessary for our future happiness.

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4 comments on “TAGP 245: Becoming The Witness Of Your Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

  1. Raul Magana Jun 22, 2020

    Your podcast has helped me in so many ways! It has helped me leave my house and even drive! I play it all the time… I just recently bought the best anxiety book in the planet. Once I finish it I’ll get yours!

  2. Marion Clare Jul 13, 2020

    Do you have any advice as to how to start getting off the medication I’ve been taking. I hate the fact that I run to them when I start feeling symptoms and that’s not who I want to be.