TAGP 243: How Chronic Anxiety Gradually Destroys Our 6 Senses

June 8, 2020


Straight from the majority of anxiety disorder sufferers, what happens to our 6 senses during anxiety? For the first time in the anxiety guy podcast we’re going to make the distinction between the ‘uncorrupted child’s’ senses and the anxious adults.

As we grow more anxious and become more internal our 6 senses seemingly wither away.

Try explaining this to someone not suffering from the barrage of inner distress and you’ll get a confused individual. It simply doesn’t make sense to most how anxious people lose their sense of smell or taste completely.

To an anxiety sufferer living with deep sensitivity though, it makes total sense. The threat in any given situation demands attention first. For many, there are threats everywhere though! Sometimes there are internal threats connected to sensations, intrusive thoughts, emotions, and sometimes there are external ones.

Why would our systems focus solely on smelling the tea we’re drinking, when in that moment we’re imagining the worst possible scenario arising at some point in our day!

Repeat fear and threat perception enough times and you’ll have depersonalization. An overwhelming experience that comes with a host of symptoms connected to massive inner overwhelm. The body will tell us all we need to hear, the question is do we listen and respond or maintain our anxious habits?

I’ve been fascinated to find this phenomenon in the vast majority of people beginning my Inner Circle program. It seems so very common to be caught up in perpetual numbness around our 6 senses. That is, until we begin providing safety to this unconditionally loving system we have consistently.

Only then can we begin seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, and intuitively feeling again. Now let’s get to today’s podcast…

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