TAGP 226: How To Make The Most Of Your Anxiety Support Team

February 10, 2020

anxiety support team

Your friends and family make up your anxiety support team. But if you’re not on the same page as those people you’re going to find that the tension starts showing up much more than the healing does. In today’s anxiety guy podcast we’re going to examine the 3 different types of supporters and how we can mould them into the perfect team for you.

A great anxiety support team has excellent communication.

Understanding can be a two way street. On one side the anxiety sufferer may not feel understood because of the way they may be communicating their challenges. On the other side, the support may not be able to give the best kind of support because their emotional plate may already be overflowing as well.

It’s about rapport.

When two people are energetically on the same wave length the sufferer doesn’t feel like they’re going about healing anxiety alone. There’s a sense of being cared for and connected. When this is the case the anxiety sufferer is given permission to free them-self from the clutches of emotional distress, and should they fall during the process there’s someone there to pick them up.

Let’s just hope the anxiety sufferer doesn’t get too comfortable in their discomfort due to the great connections they start building with others.

It happens, often in fact.

On one side of the coin the sufferer wants a present anxiety support team to begin helping them to heal. On the other hand they’re beginning to receive the love and significance they craved for so long so giving up anxiety would then come with a certain level of sacrifice.

Soon, they wonder whether healing is a better idea than suffering.

Let’s also consider the known vs the unknown world. We as human beings prefer to know what’s to come in our lives, rather than be surprised by the unknown. The known is safe, the unknown is potentially threatening. Here you have the deal going on within a person between healing and anxiety.

Today’s anxiety guy podcast will clear the air when it comes to your current supporters.

As well as get you to make a 100% decision to begin healing and sacrifice the anxious security you may have grown so accustomed to. You’re going to be able to relate to 1 or all 3 different types of anxiety supporters in your life. You’re also going to get a feel for how you’ve been treating them, possibly making their job even harder.

When these new recognitions show up in our lives it feels like light bulb moments. They smack us in the face at the most unlikely times and they either frighten us or help us. Either way, they’re coming. Get ready to dive deep into your current anxiety support team, and let’s set you up for success starting today.

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