TAGP 225: How To Deal With Your Coronavirus Anxiety

February 3, 2020

coronavirus anxiety

Fear is the lowest vibration we as human beings can ever experience. Due to the coronavirus anxiety that many are experiencing today we’re not helping ourselves or the world emotionally and energetically. That is why it’s time to get our facts right.

The term coronavirus is spreading like wildfire from one person to another and on every social media platform right now. We’re fortune telling without getting our facts right, and falling victim to the medias reports. How easy it becomes for people to fall for other peoples opinion when this much fear comes with daily life.

Coronavirus anxiety can be dealt with, and it starts with you.

In today’s anxiety guy podcast episode I want to go deeper than just being optimistic. Blind optimism is also ignorance of the highest order, and it won’t heal our unconscious fears. However, there’s nothing wrong with preparedness and being the light for others to feed off of. This is our true duty.

First it was mad cow disease, than it was SARS, and now we’re met with the coronavirus. It seems every few years a virus threatens our way of life. Should we question whether what we’re told is in fact true, and that this is due to being passed on through animals in a city in China called Wuhan? I believe we should.

The questioning shouldn’t end there however. 

There are many unanswered questions that need some deeper analyzing. I’ll suggest a few in todays podcast episode so that your coronavirus anxiety begins to lessen. Positive thinking hardly ever gets the job done long term. Our goal when presented with such a worldwide dilemma is to become more curious than we are frantic, this helps to end negative thinking for good.

Curiosity opens you up to an objective look at your fears, it’s the path to inner healing.

It’s a beautiful thing in fact when you see someone transitioning from anxiety to inner peace. One new perception and action at a time as these warriors take the plunge into the world of the unknown. This world can sometimes come with many inner question-marks and doubts. However, uncertainty and vulnerability hold the key to a greater life experience.

The reason for this is that we can’t grow within a comfort zone. Many peoples comfort zones if you look deep enough is within fear and worry. Fear was the most consistent internal experience as a child, worry became the habit, and it provides a sense of deep security for many.

Worry provides you with something to do, but gets you nowhere.

Like a rocking chair, back and forth thinking life should be lived this way when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. The coronavirus anxiety that many experience today is due to a continuation of habits that fit a persons belief over who they are. If a person believes they are a ‘worry wart,’ they’ll find anything to worry over leading to many confusing symptoms of anxiety.

Your identity (meaning who you believe you are and what you deserve) will determine what you pay attention to and your daily emotional states.

Change your identity, and you question your core beliefs (the ones you’re currently unaware of lying deep in the subconscious parts of you). Change your core beliefs and you change your perceptions over your past, present, and future life. Change your perceptions and you change the way you feel, and isn’t that what we’re all chasing in the end anyway?

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2 comments on “TAGP 225: How To Deal With Your Coronavirus Anxiety

  1. I appreciate that you’re tackling Coronavirus anxiety! I think it’s a naturally anxiety-inducing event because it is the unknown: what do the governments know, how does it work, what are the true numbers of afflicted? But I do think that ulltimately, worrying won’t help me specifically, and I like the idea of having inner peace about situations I can’t control…it’s just tough sometimes.