TAGP 231: The One Reason Your Anxiety War Seems Never-ending

March 16, 2020

anxiety war

The anxiety war that affects so many people in the world today can be prevented.

As many of you regular listeners of the anxiety guy podcast know, I’m not a big fan of of the words ‘coping with anxiety.’ Why cope if you can get rid of something’ is what I say. In today’s podcast episode you’re in for a real treat.

It’s time to understand your brain better, and why the resistance to change can be so daunting.

I want you to know exactly why the anxiety war within you  continues, as well as the biggest mistake you’re currently making.

This reason for your continued distress isn’t something you hear everyday.

Most healing methods for anxiety only provide surface level solutions. When I mean surface level I’m talking about applications through the conscious mind looking to convince the ‘driver of the bus,’ the subconscious mind.

Many people quickly realize that weak cognitive responses to fear, talking about anxiety, and regressing someone into their past without resolve doesn’t work. These ideas keep a sufferer engaged in self punishment daily without change.

When the survival brain indicates a potential threat to the emotional brain, it’s just assuming that something could be harmful. This cycle becomes the norm for people and they simply believe that the anxiety war is something everyone deals with daily.

It’s not right and it’s preventable, but you must understand what’s TRULY holding you back in your anxiety recovery journey.

The reason for my success with people worldwide in healing the anxiety war within is because I teach them how to communicate with their subconscious minds. This mind is stuck within the programming and belief systems that were taken on between the ages of 0 and 7.

If someone wants to end the anxiety war within them they must re-program their subconscious mind, and not hope this change will occur through the formula that’s currently not working for them. It’s time to dive deep and investigate what’s holding you back, and become more than anxiety starting today.

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