TAGP 140: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Reassurance Seeking (Health Anxiety) And Anxiety Adrenaline

September 27, 2018

“Anxiety Adrenaline And Reassurance Seeking Are Topics That Need Serious Attention.”

I have to say, this is my favourite #asktheanxietyguy podcast episode to date. I just love the variety in questions from today’s episode, as well as the chance to share what I feel is the greatest threats to humanity today.

The topics today are powerful and very important for our personal growth. Starting with seeking reassurance as a health anxiety sufferer. Many times with Hypochondria a safety person is chosen to keep the sufferer temporarily feeling like they’re either not going crazy, or developing a physical ailment. If you’ve never gone through this yourself, you don’t understand.

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This is why I feel like the advice I give on this subject today is one of those golden nuggets that will carry a sufferer to clarity

Today we’re also discussing the topic of adrenaline and why the subconscious mind/body holds onto past memories. The anxiety adrenaline can show up at any moment whether we are aware of what caused the secretion of these hormones, or we aren’t. Either way, it’s the way we deal with the anxiety adrenaline that will either send signals of safety to the nervous system, or danger.

Our actions speak louder than words, so the millions of affirmations in the moment of inner chaos won’t help you, it’s the ability to go against what your anxiety adrenaline impulsiveness is telling you to do that will lead to eventual freedom. 

We’ll also be discussing the anxiety hangover today (here’s my latest video on this subject on YouTube). The day after an emotionally depleting event, and what we need to make sure we do to limit the sensitivity we feel. This will be eye opening, and will make sure you counter an anxiety hangover in a way that keeps you on the path towards anxiety recovery.

In today’s episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show we’re diving deep into:

  • The biggest reason for your constant anxiety adrenaline
  • Why a health anxiety sufferer must begin treating your reassurance person differently
  • The 3 greatest threats to humanity today in our world

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