TAGP 141: Is Your Anxiety All Your Fault?

October 1, 2018

“Our Past Determines Our Present, Our Present Determines Our Future.”

As an anxiety sufferer you walk around with an energetic body that’s very heavy. The majority of this heaviness comes from past emotionally traumatic experiences that haven’t gotten reframed, as well as the blame you have put on yourself. But is the development of your anxiety all your fault?

Or were there, are there other forces at play here that are outside of your awareness?

It’s a very important realization, in fact one of the greatest on the way to anxiety recovery through CBT. To realize what you haven’t realized up to now, and to come in contact with where the true development of your anxiety disorder came from. That’s why today’s episode is big, real big, so big I could easily call it one of the most important episodes to date.

In today’s episode we’ll be touching on brainwave frequency, and at what ages you were the most open to suggestion. This information came to you in the form of colours (associations you made between things), words, actions, and more. As your sensory machinery took in this information you only had one main switch, and that was the TRUE switch.

is anxiety all your fault

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That true switch meant that all the sensory information you took in from your authority figures were TRUE, this again begs the question of… is your anxiety all your fault?

The clear answer is no, but it goes much deeper than this. To uncover the faults means to gain an opportunity to shift the angles on how we see things. To perceive means to experience, depending on how we perceive our past, our present moment, and what’s to come in our future means to lay out how we feel about those times.

In episode #140 we’re discussing critical points in the development of an anxiety disorder such as:

  • Is the way you feel, and your anxiety all your fault?
  • If anxiety isn’t all your fault, which components make up this emotional state?
  • What to do about this new information NOW, before stress accumulates

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