5 Best Anxiety Guy Audiobooks For Healing Anxiety

August 1, 2019

audiobooks for healing anxiety

“A few good audiobooks for healing anxiety can begin taking you from a reactive place, to a thinking place.”

Warriors, I’d like to present to you a list of audiobooks for healing anxiety that I’ve put together over the years. I’m proud of these works and they have made a positive impact on many people worldwide, and I know they’ll do the same for you. Take your time while going through these as you relate them to your own life, and approach them with an open mind. You’re going to find that within a short period of time you begin peeling the onion to your emotional distress, finding the root, as well as the answers that are needed to move past this distress.

#1) Anxiety And The Brain

This audiobook for healing anxiety looks at the stress response (fight, flight, or freeze response) at a deep level. It will also provide you with the clarity you need to understand the structure of your anxiety, and how it manifests in all its different forms within. Get ready for a powerhouse of an audiobook that will only lead you to wanting more.

2) How To Live A Stress Free Life

Here I will discuss the differences between stress and anxiety and how to minimize stress in your life. Stress is a part of everyday life that eventually can take the form of anxiety. So it’s very important that we work on relieving stress in the fastest manner possible, and control what we have control over within us to take its power away, and not let it turn into a full anxiety disorder.

3) 7 Days To Freedom

This is one of those audiobooks for healing anxiety that was created through my own personal journey. It looks at life and anxiety through my own mind for a period of 7 straight days. The connection between anxiety and spirituality, gods role, the addiction to suffering and much more will be brought into the open. Bring an open mind for this one towards the path of healing anxiety.

4) The #1 Health Anxiety Audiobook On YouTube

Bold title, I know. It’s hard to find quality outcome focused knowledge on health anxiety these days. Most of the information you’ll run into are related to coping techniques, and dealing with the symptoms of health anxiety. But in this audiobook we’ll be diving deep into the root causes of health anxiety, and what you find will help you on your healing journey starting today.

5) Stoicism For Mental Health And Happiness

The philosophy of Stocism was an integral part of my healing journey. The ancient teachings are derived by notable ancient Stoics like Marcos Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus. These Stoic philosophers gave us the understanding of how to control what we have control over, and leave to faith what we don’t, therefore limiting the amount of energy we spend on things out of our control. Stoicism will set your mental health up for great success, enjoy.

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8 comments on “5 Best Anxiety Guy Audiobooks For Healing Anxiety

  1. Brian Aug 2, 2019

    I just listened to “Anxiety And The Brain” ! It’s brilliant. I have started to watch how my brain functions and now I force myself to set new challenges and move out of my comfort zone so that I don’t get too comfortable and complacent with life. This is when we tend to feel very relaxed and the unwanted thoughts come in as we are not keeping ourselves busy and productive.

    The other thing that I learnt is to flip the script when something negative start to appear on my mind and also be very mindful about how my feelings change.

  2. Yasmine Feb 19, 2020

    I started listening to Audiobooks a year ago and find it very helpful caused it saved me a lot of time and improved my productivity, but I still prefer reading.I’ll definitely start listening to these Audiobooks, thank you Dennis!

  3. Julie Worth Aug 20, 2020

    Very helpful especially the health anxiety audiobooks
    I find all your work helps me in so many ways
    Thank you

  4. Francis Nov 15, 2020

    I love your work Dennis. You are helping thousands to overcome anxiety by your education series. I am one of those people.