HAP 19: The #1 Health Anxiety Technique Today

August 3, 2019

health anxiety technique

“This health anxiety technique will create a shift at a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.”

With health anxiety healing there are a few principles/components that are necessary for healing health anxiety. These include acceptance, embracing uncertainty, building faith, building trust in your body, and shifting into a new identity. This health anxiety technique will open you up to a whole new way of viewing your distress.

There’s a difference between coping techniques and healing techniques for health anxiety

I need you to understand this. When you begin your healing  journey over health anxiety you’ll notice that you’re adopting more healing techniques over coping techniques. Also, your vocabulary begins to change as you adopt words that fulfill your desires for health anxiety freedom, rather than words that just help you to manage your emotional state.

Is it possible to completely move past health anxiety and into a new way of living life? Absolutely!

I would suggest implementing this health anxiety technique each and everyday. In the beginning take a few minutes each day to implement the teachings in this podcast episode, prior to raising the number of minutes for your ‘mapping’ practice.

Sometimes the simpler the technique is the better, and this is one of those times where you mustn’t look at the simplicity of the technique and have it lessen its effect over you. Take it on, practice daily, and health anxiety freedom is within reach.

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end my health anxiety

end my health anxiety

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2 comments on “HAP 19: The #1 Health Anxiety Technique Today

  1. Hey Dennis! I’ve been dealing with Health Anxiety for over a year, you should make a video of the top 10/15 physical symptoms and how to get relief or get rid of these symptoms. Thank you!