How To Set Goals For Your Mental Health Recovery

February 15, 2018

“Goals are dreams which become a reality when you have a definite plan.”

Humans are the only creatures on the planet to have used their intelligence to create a better life. One of the main reasons for the progress of human-kind is the drive to achieve something extraordinary within the short life span that we have on earth.

This drive will often amount to nothing if it is not accompanied by a plan to achieve that extraordinary goal. People who do not set goals often end up living a listless dreary life and become consumed into a forgotten death.

The importance of setting goalshow to set goals for yourself

All the individuals who have become super successful in their lives (through their own perspectives of what success means to them) did not do so by luck (Here’s an anxiety success story you’ll want to hear). Entrepreneurs, business tycoons, top athletes, scientists, and other great achievers have climbed to the dizzying heights of success and mass adulation by setting goals.

This helps us to create a vision for the future while keeping us motivated along the way towards the achievement of our life’s plans.

Setting goals drives us to gain the knowledge required to achieve those goals, organize different available resources, and sort out and allocate time efficiently, thereby allowing you the opportunity to get the very best out of your life.

Setting targets that are clearly defined with a well thought out path towards achieving it will provide immense pride for yourself after you achieve the set goals. It will also increase your resoluteness to keep moving forward towards life’s next goal. There will be increased self-confidence and increased self-belief in your ability and aptitude to achieve harder goals that you may set.

How to set goals and achieve them

The process is also an art. The first thing to be taken into consideration is finding what you desire out of life and then making a commitment towards achieving those set targets. The goals have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound (SMART goals) as well as motivating. It’s best to  write out the goals so that they seem more tangible.

how to set goals for your mental healthThe process involves a number of steps as mentioned below

The very first thing  you need to think about is your long-term wants out of life (and this podcast on iTunes will help you to create the clarity you need). Then work out the large scale items that need to be accomplished in order to achieve your life’s purposes. For example, if you want to be a business-owner, then you need to learn the skills, get the capital, etc., to be able to lay the groundwork for achievement of the final goal of becoming a successful businessman.

The large scale targets then need to be further broken down into smaller targets so that they do not become a burden. For example, you can first set the goal to learn the technical skills and after achieving that goal, move on to gain knowledge about business management.

Once, the plan is thought out and written down, you need to commit to it and begin working towards it’s achievement.

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