TAGP 238: How Your Words Hold The Causes Of Your Symptoms Of Anxiety

May 4, 2020

causes of your symptoms of anxiety

What if your words held the key to revealing the causes of your symptoms of anxiety? What if we began using those deeper messages uttered by your words to reveal and to heal your deepest needs? In today’s anxiety guy podcast I’m going to show you important habits you may not be aware of right now.

Your body shares signals as to what is still unresolved, what is being interpreted as a threat, or what dangers may lurk in your future.

Today is about language though, as much as it is about the signals being sent by the body. Your language patterns are produced by your subconscious mind much more often than your conscious mind. This means that what is being said can also hold the key to what’s holding us back.

It wasn’t until I started recognizing and told others to recognize my words in connection to my symptoms of anxiety that I made the much needed connections. These connections are key. They are literally the pathway to finding the causes of your symptoms of anxiety.

Mindfulness will lead to the recognition of the causes of your symptoms of anxiety.

It’s more work I’ll admit that. But recognition of the words we use to describe how we feel will tell us all we need to know. Very commonly it’s a cry for resolution. As the subconscious mind and body look to resolve the unresolved it’s the conscious minds job to pick up on these verbal habits in order to bring resolve.

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