TAGP 237: 7 Vital Questions You Must Ask Your Subconscious Mind Today

April 27, 2020

subconscious mind

Our subconscious minds run our behaviours, store all our past memories, lead our perceptions, and much more. In order for an anxiety sufferer to overcome anxiety they must learn how to communicate and ask the right questions of the subconscious mind today.

To speak to the deeper side of you, you mind must be calm. Your body must be free from tension and your inner trust must be high.

When I mean trust I’m talking about an intelligence that lives within you that knows how to heal anxiety. many times we don’t trust this part of us and would rather willpower our way through anxiety. this will only drain us further and limit our connection to this inner healing power.

Asking these power questions of the subconscious mind today will lead us to which traumas, which emotions, and which associations are leading us to an anxiety disorder.

Do not fear this calmer state.

This is a place that holds great knowledge and information. A calm mind, body, and spirit comes with infinite self love. Many anxiety sufferers fear this meditative state because their survival modes have been on for far too long.

The truth is that no one is meant to be in fight, flight, or freeze for an extended period. This must be like a transient experience where it comes and goes. This is when we’ve truly began healing the deepest parts of us. When we’re no longer dragged around by our thoughts and feelings.

Asking these questions, softly, while in a state of calm is different than thinking them up.

When we’re distracted and looking for self discovery we get nowhere. When we’re at peace and trust that the answers to our questions will come in time, we’re moving with love and faith. Where do you currently live and how do your results over anxiety look at the moment?

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