TAGP 239: 3 Common Responses That Are Crushing Your Progress Over Anxiety

May 11, 2020

your progress over anxiety

Your progress over anxiety can be determined by your perceptions and emotional state during daily situations. Many times though we say things to others that have hidden meaning beneath them. These hidden meanings hold much to be analyzed so today we’ll be diving deep into your verbal patterns.

Your anxiety responses to others don’t mean what you think they mean.

For example, many anxiety sufferers ask how to do things many times over. Beneath the endless ‘how to’s’ lies a fear of seeing and understanding the answer because of many different reasons. People unknowingly prevent themselves from attaining and clearly understanding the anxiety healing path mainly out of subconscious fear.

It’s detrimental to your progress over anxiety is what it is. Imagine doing all you can every day to find inner peace while simultaneously sabotaging your journey. The conscious mind desires change while the subconscious mind prevents it from manifesting.

Step one is recognizing your verbal patterns.

What we repeat often should be analyzed more deeply. That doesn’t mean to become obsessed with everything you say, it means to recognize what lies beneath your most repeated words. The subconscious body and mind run our lives.

Change isn’t necessarily seen as a good thing to the deeper parts of us, until we can prove that it does in fact come with a high level of safety. Today’s anxiety guy podcast will be a gateway into your fearful programming.

Once you’ve listened to the entire episode below it’s time to look deeper with you and to ask some firm questions. Those questions will be more clear  to you during the episode. Let’s make today a day of healing and understanding what truly lies beneath the words we express.

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