TAGP 154: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Recent Emotional Trauma And CBT For Panic Attacks

November 15, 2018

“Sometimes People Jump To Conclusions Because It’s Easier Than Gathering Facts.”

How to deal with recent emotional trauma and tragedy is a fantastic question from a member of our Facebook tribe. When I heard the news of Becca’s recent experiences it pained me. It pained me enough to understand fully that life is no linear road, no straight line, and that challenges are always available.

However, It’s The Way We Choose To Think About Those Experiences That Will Ultimately Decide Our Emotional States

Let’s be honest, what choice do we actually have? On one side of the coin we can add up all the evidence that supports a debilitating and painful life. On the other we can come to a broader understanding of why these tragedies occur, and gain the strength through them to move forward and grow as humans.

This is why I’m excited to share a few golden steps on how to deal with recent tragedy and challenges. This is the ticket out, without feeling guilty and blameful for what has happened. We’ll also be touching on the reactive nature of the body to these emotional traumas. Why the body starts to become sensitized, and how to counter that in a way that provides safety within.

We’ll also be looking at the physical feelings of anxiety, and the best techniques around CBT for panic attacks

Not for the sake of providing reassurance to all the warriors out there that their particular symptoms of anxiety isn’t related to an ailment (that’s a doctors job). But to provide a road map to how the physical feelings of anxiety have come about in their life. When the build up is recognized the solution becomes more accessible. When the solution is recognized many times momentum gets spurred on toward desensitization.

In todays podcast episode I’ll be answering your important questions on:

  • What the best ways of dealing with recent tragedy is
  • Why physical feelings of anxiety arrive unexpectedly
  • What are some of the best techniques around CBT for panic attacks

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