TAGP 153: 6 Stages To Developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder (CHECKLISTS)

November 12, 2018

“Your Mind Has The Capability To Shift Your Heart, And Your Heart Has The Capability To Shift Your Life.”

Developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder is defined as:

A psychological disorder characterized by excessive or disproportionate anxiety about several aspects of life, such as work, social relationships, or financial matters.

The question is how does this excessive and disproportionate worry develop? And what can we do about it?

Is it possible to end Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

This is a question I get over and over by anxiety sufferers beginning the end the anxiety program. Though developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder can be quite complex and different, depending on the individual, the solution might be less complicated than we make it out to be. This is why I’m excited to share the 3 counters for generalized anxiety disorder in todays podcast that will help tremendously.

What I’m hoping for is that you can relate to the 6 stages of developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder that I’ll be talking about today on the podcast. To get that flash go off in your head and to say ‘yes!’ I’ve been there! Means to understand the development of your GAD and excessive worry habit. Clarity is key, and this is how solutions are formed. When you can understand how you got here, you can pick apart the patterns that keep you stuck.

When those patterns are consciously (CBT) and unconsciously (NLP, Hypnosis, and other methods) countered freedom is within reach

Because GAD Is nothing more than creating a habit of confusing the levels between things. One persons bad look in your direction could lead to a whole host of wrongs you’ve done, or joint pain could be confused with a serious ailment which can take you down a path of deep sensitivity to any regular bodily feeling.

So in todays episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’re going to explore:

  • A persons personal checklist which leads to the emotional states they live in
  • The expectation standards that continue to add doubt and fear to a persons life
  • The 3 ways to re-organize your internal and external checklists to bring about inner balance and peace

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