TAGP 145: Is Collective Consciousness To Blame For Your Anxiety And Mental Health?

October 15, 2018

“Collective Consciousness Is The Sum Of The Total Energy That Becomes Your Emotional State.”

Imagine having your emotional state be dictated through the energies of other people and things in this world. Welcome to the inner workings of your subconscious mind. Just because something is outside of your immediate and conscious awareness, doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you. And the sooner an anxiety sufferer learns this lesson the quicker clarity and anxiety recovery will be reached.

The law of cause and effect reminds us that a result is never an accident, same goes for our emotional states.

To become aware of these laws means to live based on the mindset of ‘challenges are a way of life.’ The collective consciousness today, meaning the combination of human and other energies, affect everyone and everything. We can’t run from it, but we can recognize it, understand it, and counter it as best we can.

Today’s Collective Consciousness In My Books Is Like Sorting Through Energetic Toxic Waste

This is because of the programming of fear, drama, and delusional thinking most people are under today. It can’t not affect you, but in today’s powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast, I’ll equip you to take these energies on.

Collective consciousness does give us a sense of solidarity. It’s just unfortunate that this solidarity, for the majority of the world is connected to lack and struggle. This ‘togetherness’ sucks virtuous people in, and turns them into unconscious machines, kind of like the LEGO Movie where we feel like ‘EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.’

Everything is not awesome…

You’re listening to this podcast episode for a reason. You want more, you want change, and are not willing to live a life of mental and emotional struggle. I’m proud of you warrior, because that decision is the first step forward.

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be discussing:

  • What collective consciousness is and how it’s affecting your anxiety and mental health
  • How to turn away from falling into the trap of negative collective consciousness
  • Why collective consciousness continues to be so derailing for today’s mental health world

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