TAGP 146: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Flying Anxiety, Negative Energies, Anxiety Symptoms

October 18, 2018

“If You Slow Down In Life, You Will Arrive Later In Death.”

3 different parts to the anxiety struggle, 3 different answers on today’s episode of the ask the anxiety guy podcast show. We start with driving and flying anxiety as I lay out 5 ways you can start desensitizing yourself from flying anxiety starting today. Many anxiety warriors recognize how they allow their imaginations to run wild during the build up to flying, today we’ll gain back control over the imagination once and for all.

Anxiety is to allow your imagination to overtake your intelligence and logic 

The second question is very much one I’ve had lots of experience with. It’s related to how anxiety symptoms leave and re-appear as other sensations, in different areas of the body. Many people currently going through my health anxiety program experience this rollercoaster of emotions that come with altered anxiety symptoms.

flying anxiety helpI’m excited to share my answer to this question, and put you in an emotional space where you can become desensitized to each anxiety symptom. To shift your identity is to desensitize from these internal challenges. The problem though with many people going through anxiety today is they heal the symptom without shifting their personality. So in this case when the symptom of anxiety shows up, the anxious response stays the same.

Question everything, especially what your irrational mind says

Finally, we conquer the negative energies of others. This final question is something we’ve all had to go through, and we do all we can to balance our own emotions as well as the ‘energy vampires,’ and we always come up the more distressed. I’ll show you the right mindset and tools to bring with you in the presence of negative energy around you.

In this Q and A episode of the Anxiety The Anxiety Guy Show I’ll show you:

  • How to start your journey to overcome flying anxiety
  • Why symptoms of anxiety show up at different times, and different places
  • How to deal with energy vampires the right way

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2 comments on “TAGP 146: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Flying Anxiety, Negative Energies, Anxiety Symptoms

  1. Daniel Oct 18, 2018

    Struggling a lot woth relationship anxiety. I would love to talk about it further with you maybe you can do a podcast on it sometime.