TAGP 144: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Night Anxiety, Existential Anxiety, My Path To Freedom

October 11, 2018

“God Gives The Greatest Challenges To His Strongest Warriors. Night Anxiety Is One Of Those Challenges.”

We begin this episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy show with targeting night anxiety. Leah asked an important question related to her experiencing nightmares, and awaking in the middle of the night with tremendous night anxiety. I’ve certainly been there and know how devastating this can be.

One of the biggest reasons for the devastation from night anxiety is that it creates tremendous sensitivity within a person as night approaches. Secondly, it limits the amount of willpower and rational ways of perceiving the day after night anxiety. With this lack of willpower and rational view points comes reverting back to pre-programmed ways of seeing things and acting (meaning anxiety).

night anxiety help podcastThe second discussion will be based on existential anxiety. The meaning of life can be bewildering, so we simplify things in today’s episode

Existential anxiety is a contemplation of the meaning of life, and other connected aspects to human purpose on this planet. I’ll be mentioning a certain philosophy that takes the focus off of needing answers now, and puts it on self mastery. This re-focusing towards self mastery begins to open up channels to the energetic body, as the mind/body/spirit system begins to work in congruence.

Forcing the answer to arrive, and constantly looking for meaning many times pushes away what we want. We’ll need to take a more gentler approach, and allow meaning and purpose to show up naturally.

Also, I’m excited to share the different steps I would have taken on my transition from anxiety

Why make the same mistakes I did? I’ll share a few things I could have done differently on my way to anxiety recovery through CBT. This knowledge, I believe is gold for an anxiety sufferer. Because we rarely get the chance to hear another anxiety success story in detail, and this is one of those times I’m excited to share a few things I would have done differently.

In episode #144 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll be answering specific questions on:

  • Why the meaning of life isn’t showing up for you
  • What steps to take to begin ending night anxiety
  • The most important thing I would have done differently during my anxiety recovery

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