TAGP 290: Why Your Comfort Zones Are The Biggest Roadblocks To Healing Anxiety

May 3, 2021

Comfort zones, we all have them but some of us are more comfortable in them than others, and that is called anxiety. Today we dive deep into your comfort zones and reveal what we need to in order to move beyond these self sabotaging patterns and habits.

Did you know that you have mental, emotional, behavioural and even religious and spiritual comfort zones? Many times when we think about such patterns we think of them only in terms of environments that we feel safe in compared to others, but thinking in this way is very limiting. These are ways of thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, and believing that keep us feeling safe but do nothing for our anxiety recovery.

Comfort zones are the biggest roadblocks to healing, so first we must understand our own.

comfort zones and anxiety

These are programs, just like computer programs running on your desktop. Let me ask you, if you knew that a computer program was creating damage and viruses to your computer would you not find a way to delete it? This is the same outlook when it comes to our own mental health and nervous systems. This conditioning that has been brought on by past traumas and others are keeping us drifting towards robotic consciousness, and that’s simply not fair to you.

Today, in this weeks episode of the anxiety guy podcast I will reveal what needs to be revealed in order to open your mind up to a new perception, and your heart up to a new direction. New is good, change is good, and we must prove that to be the case to our own inner child (here’s a YouTube video that will bring clarity towards this concept).

This week could change your life if you can truly be brutally honest with yourself and the results you are getting.

Enjoy today’s podcast on comfort zones during anxiety recovery and I look forward to connecting with you soon through our Facebook Page.

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