TAGP 289: 3 Daily Habits That Perpetuate Your Anxiety Disorder

April 26, 2021

Imagine strengthening habits that perpetuate your anxiety disorder which you’re completely unaware of. Today I want to bring these patterns to your attention so that we can reverse them and get back on the path towards anxiety recovery now.

Habits are what maintain an anxiety identity. If we cannot come to accept this we will live the rest of our lives unaware and addicted to suffering. These habits can be mental, physical, verbal, even physiological but in the end they all lead to the emotional. A miserable emotional state draped in fighting and surviving will never give you the life you deserve. This is why we must bring to our attention these patterns today.

your anxiety disorder

Habits that perpetuate your anxiety disorder have the potential of feeling normal after some time.

There was a time when I thought that what I thought, believed in, and was, was set in stone. It’s just the cards I was dealt, was my perspective for a long time. Over time though you start to get fed up with your limits, your doubts, and your life in fact. You intuitively sense that there must be more to life than what you are experiencing and who you are, and those are the beginning stages when intuition grows.

As your intuition grows your intelligence subsides and balance is found.

We stop relying so much on thinking and trust other voices within us to guide us and provide answers to our questions. Ahead of you there will be progress and there will be challenges. Our job is to learn and strive beyond the challenges and repeat the progress regularly. Never doubt yourself and this journey warrior. Alter these habits that perpetuate your anxiety disorder today and live beyond anxiety now.

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