How To Communicate EFFECTIVELY With An Anxiety Sufferer

March 7, 2019

“To Communicate Effectively With An Anxiety Sufferer You Have To Perceive The World Through Their Mind.”

I didn’t say eyes, I said mind for good reason. To communicate effectively with an anxiety sufferer you must recognize how they perceive the world, how they think, and what makes them react. The one glaring problem shown by anxiety supporters though is they never take the time to analyze reality through the mind of an anxiety sufferer, don’t let this be you.

The feeling of being along in the anxiety struggle haunts the majority of anxiety sufferers

To make an anxiety sufferer feel less lonely means to open up the doors to new and valuable information. Information that normally couldn’t be shared by the sufferer because of the lack of trust in the supporter. When the missing pieces of information are revealed, a supporter can begin to communicate effectively with an anxiety sufferer by recognizing the root causes and not just try and help to eliminate the symptoms. Here were my most worrying anxiety symptoms.

Dealing solely with symptoms of anxiety is like cutting the top parts of the grass in your backyard. When you look at the whole lawn after you’re done you won’t notice much change. Now imagine cutting the grass from the root, as you step back and recognize the difference it shows now.

The symptom will travel, and grow in strength if the repressed emotion isn’t dealt with and released. This means that to communicate effectively with an anxiety sufferer you must recognize which emotion is stored in the mind and body. What has been repressed, and why? Is it due to an un-forgiveness issue? Maybe a feeling of guilt that grows by the day? Maybe self punishment and a feeling that life has to come with struggle constantly? These are the templates that form the subconscious mind programs that an anxiety sufferer carries within them, and it can get pretty darn heavy if left un-resolved.

Help them change the meaning!

There are limitless ways to view past emotionally traumatic experiences, current challenges, and future potentials. The problem with anxiety is that it keeps you living in a broad minded world, and things are only catastrophic. Presenting new angles and perspectives over the true reason for the repressed rage, sadness, fear, anxiety etc will lighten the load that the energetic body is carrying.

This is where most people make the mistake of dieting the wrong body, meaning the physical body rather than the energetic body

The energetic body contains the stored blocks of emotion that accumulate over time. Notice how overweight people who are deeply sensitized by the overload of negative emotion go on diets, and lose some weight only to gain it right back. Notice how a surgeon cuts out an organ or body part (the symptom) only for another physical issue to manifest soon after? This is called recurring disorder, and it’s caused by the psycho-somatic aspect of physical pains and discomforts (but no one will tell you this).

To sum it up, to communicate effectively with an anxiety sufferer means to see the world through their mind. To recognize which emotions are locked in the mind and body, and where those emotions began. To end heath anxiety and GAD a sufferer must begin viewing what they fear in a more neutral and understanding manner. This is when the magic begins, and the body can be fully trusted to heal the way it is mean to.

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